Thursday, 14 May 2015

Two Warriors : Lucas Browne and Artur Szpilka Are Both Interested In A Future Fight

Lucas Browne vs Artur Szpilka 

Two Warriors Artur Szpilka and Lucas Browne have shown interest in fighting eachother in the near future. Boxing Kingdom initiated the conversation on twitter by picking both warriors to make a potential fight of the year, when they face eachother in the near future. Due to the styles of the fighters we are confident that such a battle would leave all fans entertained regardless of the outcome.  

Both Szpilka and Browne have agreed that their bout would be a great fight. With both fighters re-tweeting boxing kingdoms thoughts. A bout with Arreola for both of these fighters would also prove to be a very entertaining affair and we have informed our readers about this. It’s up to the boxing networks to make these fights and Browne has a large following in both Australia and the UK, while Szpilka is popular in Poland and he is very well known amongst the Polish community in America. 

Europe seems to be the most likely destination of such a fight & I’m sure it would be a pretty easy fight to make given both fighters are keen on challenging themselves, regardless of who they face. Artur Szpilka's only loss came against Bryant Jennings at MSG in early 2014. Since then the star Polish heavyweight has beaten Adamek and Ty Cobb in his last two bouts. Szpilka is 26 years old and a fun fighter to watch, he leaves everything in the ring and has been a favourite with the crowds in his native Poland and in Chicago. 

Lucas Browne is undefeated and despite being based out of Sydney, he has fought consistently in the UK & China over the past couple of years. Browne is a big puncher and he is looking for a shot at a world title later this year against Chagaev. A fight with Szpilka will hopefully be possible after Browne wins the title, which looks to be a good chance going by the way the Australian is progressing.

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