Friday, 29 May 2015

Jermain Taylor Arrested Again. The Victim Assault Pictures Are Brutal.

We like to report the positive news of our sport, however we also have a duty to cover the bad news which tarnishes the image of fighters and the sport to a degree. The latest bit of bad news involves Jermain Taylor, who seems to be in a very bad place & constantly deteriorating away from the sport. Jermain was involved in another incident earlier this month, which according to various sources has been a brutal assault. The incident is said to have occurred at a rehabilitation facility where Jermain was being treated for several illnesses, including psychotic behavior.

It’s worth noting again that the alleged assault occurred at a Rehab facility. The victim is claiming he received a beat down from Taylor, after he extended his hand for the former Middleweight champion to shake. The pictures aren’t good, it’s obvious the victim was hit with a brutal attack. Both eyes seem damaged and stiches are evident below the victims right eye.

At the moment it’s worth noting, we don’t know the full story so far, no one does. The victim may even drop the charges and he has decided not to sue Jermain. It’s also worth noting Jermain wasn’t well before this happened and it's a good bet that the victim was overcoming certain issues also, since this occurred at a rehab facility. However, since it was at a Rehab facility, which is usually full of unstable and violent patients, where was the security to prevent this?

I think there is more that meets the eye to this story. And despite Taylor being wanted on a warrant and having a horrible history lately (he is awaiting trial on another serious incident which could see him in prison for decades), lets wait for this story to play out. The victim was also a patient at the rehabilitation facility, which indicates a few things also.

We are hoping Jermain doesn’t continue to deteriorate away from the ring. We also hope the victim makes a quick recovery. The boxing community needs to support Jermain regardless of this event. It's obvious his pursuit of the sport he loves, which entertained masses of fans, has had a big influence on the deterioration of his mental state. 

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