Saturday, 2 May 2015

Is It Hard To Become A Professional Boxer And How Long Does It Take

Becoming a professional boxer is very difficult. Everyone is going to tell you it can’t be done. But if you have the drive, the passion for the sport and the overall commitment to succeed you can be successful in boxing. Obviously have genetic benefits of being naturally strong or naturally an athlete helps. But hard work can get you to the top in this sport, which is why it’s so loved. A lot of fighters come from poverty to reach the top of the sport. Just look at Manny Pacquiao as an example.

Some Important Facts About How To Become A Professional:

It’s highly recommended you have a vast amount of amateur bouts before becoming a professional. However if you rely on knocking opponents out and if you have a powerful, brawling style, it’s highly likely you will be suited to the pro game.

A quick transition to professional boxing is always a possibility for athletes. Athletes such as Anthony Mundine and countless others have made the switch to the sport from another professional sport. However he is rare and virtually the only fighter who has made the switch so successfully. Also worth mentioning Seth Mitchell made the switch from

NFL to boxing quickly, however he wasn’t as successful as the Australian.
Jennings who just fought Klitschko and lost by decision in a valiant effort, only started boxing five years ago. Another impressive result. Nate Campbell also only began boxing at twenty five years of age.

At my boxing gym, a full six month training camp is requested before a bout is undertaken and this is just for amateur fighters. However if you are good, have a background in boxing and pick it up quick. A quick rise to a professional career can be achieved.

For instance I have been boxing since I was 12. I am now to old to be a fighter. But in my youth because I had constant training, even just hitting the bag and the occasional sparring session. I could have a bout, be it amateur or professional (not high standard), off the back of a three month camp to get in shape and another two month camp just for the fight.

So the answer is, it varies for the person. If you are totally new to the sport expect it to take a few years, also expect to make your way through the amateur system. If you are a natural athlete like Mundine, Mitchell, or Jennings then a quick progression is possible.

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