Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I think Austin Trout Could Be All Wrong For Golovkin

Austin Has No Doubt With Gennady Golovkin

Let’s first think about styles making fights. Trout has some impressive results, with wins over Cotto and a disputed loss to Canelo (In a fight I had Trout winning by one round).  Now with no well known names for Golovkin to fight, I am throwing a name out there, 'Austin Trout'. 

Golovkin is consistently mentioning he would go down to 154 for a Mayweather fight. Well surely he could make a 157 catchweight for a bout with Austin Trout. I just think this style match up will give us a good test of where Golovkin is. I also think an upset is possible and Trout could pull this out with a decision.

Why would I suggest such a bout

Well we have seen fighters like Golovkin get hyped up all throughout boxing and as soon as they face a smart mover, they start to have problems. Trout is still young, he moves well and he knows how to box in different areas of the ring. He also knows how to bide time if he’s hurt. Yes we can all argue well Dawson dropped him twice, Golovkin will win easy. But boxing isn't like that. When a fighter is against a lesser opponent he tends to fight poorly. Trout will get up for a Golovkin bout. 

With no star name available for Golovkin to fight. I suggest he has a bout with Austin Trout. I think an upset could be brewing. Austin is no Kassim Ouma. 

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