Saturday, 2 May 2015

Did Rocky Marciano Fight Ali And Who Won? Did This Fight Occur.

Marciano vs Ali - My Non-Bias Opinion. 

A common question being asked which is often misinterpreted is, ‘Did Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali Fight and Who Won?’. Well the fight never took place, it was done through a computer simulation game. The simulation was done when Marciano was 45 and it compared him to the unbeaten Ali. The simulation wasn’t fair and the outcome wasn’t fair either. I will give you some better insight into who would have won.

Key Attributes of Marciano vs Ali:

Marciano had a big power advantage.
Marciano’s work rate was much superior to Ali’s.
Ali had a major speed advantage.
Ali had better footwork and defence.
Marciano had the better chin. However Ali’s chin was also great.

Now who would have won?

I can’t pick a winner, but Marciano shouldn’t be written off. His work rate was unmatched. He was in many respects, the fittest Heavyweight champion ever. This was after he showed up to an amateur fight out of shape and he vowed never to do this again. I think there is a good chance Marciano could have broken Ali down late, with relentless pressure. Potentially forcing a stoppage between the 13th and 15th rounds. This would also most likely be after he was well behind on the scorecards.

The smarter money is on Ali by decision. His speed, power, reach, footwork and defence could have confused Marciano. However Rocky always found a way to pressure fighters who had superior speed and reach. Marciano would stay on their chest and throw combinations relentlessly until they broke or tired.

My head says Ali would have won. But my heart says Marciano would have won. So I think Marciano by late stoppage would have been the outcome. I know most boxing experts pick Ali, but Marciano is severely under rated as time goes on. Despite his size, he has substantial power and a fantastic work rate.

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  1. i think people have an affection for the old time fighters and i understand that but the truth is marcaino was too short light and unskilled to make mush impact on the modern day heavyweights, as well as the advances in sports science. at his own weight and size yes, but realistically you can only put him in comparison with heavyweights up to maybe the ali-frazier era