Sunday, 10 May 2015

Comparing The Footwork of Manny vs Golovkin. And Why Mayweather Can Beat Golovkin.

Comparing The Footwork of Pacquiao & Golovkin. Why Floyd Has A Chance Against GGG.

Floyd Mayweather has beaten everyone in this era, with Manny Pacquiao recently becoming the American's latest victim The Mega fight turned into a one sided boxing clinic, with Floyd easily out beating Pacquiao, with the Phillipino only having minor success in rounds 3 and 4. Now it's becoming clear that no one can touch Floyd and that he's easily the best fighter of this generation and his status as an all time great is now cemented.

So Whats Next?

     In standard boxing form, the next big challenge for Floyd is already being talked about. This challenge is GGG, "Gennady Golovkin", the frightening Middleweight champion who is knocking all contenders out with ease.

So In Short How Would This Fight Play Out?

A majority of the boxing world feel Golovkin would easily be to much for Floyd, in terms of strength and constant pressure. To a degree this is correct, but it’s also worth noting Gennady may have a lot of trouble landing on Floyd consistently.
Let’s consider footwork, Pacquiao vs Golovkin. Manny definitely has the quicker feet here and he moves faster, in and out of range. Golovkin has exceptional footwork, but he’s slower than Pacquiao. So how can Gennady constantly cut down the ring and catch Mayweather, if the faster footed Pacquiao couldn't?
Well I don't think Gennady can. My the theory is that Mayweather may indeed have a great chance against Gennady. Despite Floyd being 38 years of age, his footwork and movement is still nearly perfect.

So Who Would Win Out Of GGG vs Mayweather?

Despite most boxing pundits saying GGG would win by a crushing Knock Out. I can actually see this older version of Mayweather taking a close decision. Floyd will fight extremely cautiously. He should be able to slip enough of Gennady’s power shots to counter his way to a close points win. Gennady is a beast, no one at Middleweight can touch him. But if Gennady has to boil down to 154, Floyd’s movements will cause all kind of problems. I expect Gennady to hurt Floyd a few times in the fight, but the American should have enough skill, experience and overall smarts to eek out a narrow win which could propel him higher up the All Time Great list.

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