Sunday, 3 May 2015

Carl Froch Financial Worth. What Is Froch Earning Per Fight?

Carl Froch is a very astute businessman. He is worth $40 million. Froch was berated as being limited early on in his career. Boxing pundits were saying he was rather basic and relied on his heavy power. However over the years Froch has built a hall of fame career. Despite loosing to Andre Ward in the Finals of the Super Six Boxing series, Froch went on to defeat one big name after the next.

After the Super six Froch did what he does best. He went on destroying opponents one at a time. He beat down Mikkel Kessler and then easily accounted for Yusuf Mack in a warm up bout. Froch gave Bute a devastating beating taking his undefeated record. It could be argued that Froch destroyed Bute’s career, as the Romanian and Canadian based fighter hasn’t recovered since. Frochs last two wins have been against George Groves, who he has knocked out twice. The second bout was one of the largest gates in UK boxing history, fighting in front of 80 000 fans at Wembley Stadium. 

Now financially Froch has done very well. His hobby is to buy properties, renovate them & either rent them out or sell them. Froch has a net worth of $40 million US, according to various reports which I can find. Froch doesn’t seem to have the destructive lifestyle like many boxers of the past have had which leads them to bankruptcy. Froch has a great family and he seems like this is the main focus of his life.

I expect Froch to become a boxing pundit in retirement. Doing commentary and live broadcasts from major fights in Vegas and across the world. He is a true warrior who should enjoy retirement. At the moment. It doesn’t look like he will fight again.

A few facts I will remember about Froch. He is a lock for the Hall of Fame. He has fought everyone and he has just about the best chin in boxing.

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