Saturday, 30 May 2015

British Boxing News : Brook & Joshua Continue To Shine.

British Boxing Notes. Brook, Joshua & Selby All Class.

The O2 Arena tonight was home to the best boxing card of the year. I am surprised that no major US broadcaster such as Showtime Boxing or HBO Boxing picked up the card. Negotiations started way to late for the broadcast, which was unprofessional on both HBO & Showtimes part. Essentially there was 4 very solid match ups and each of them deserved to be broadcasted to the biggest boxing market in the world (the USA). Showtime & HBO definitely let there subscribers down tonight. Let me break down the continual rise of British boxing which is about to embark on a golden era.
Selby defeated Gradovich through decision. The fight was stopped due to a nasty cut on Gradovich. The cards showed Selby was well in front, a little to far in front compared to my scorecard. But Selby fought very well. Gradovich as we know he does, kept putting pressure on and coming forward to fight. But Selby fought to a terrific game plan and just continued to pick Gradovich off from the outside.
Anthony Joshua destroyed Kevin Johnson in two rounds. Joshua dropped Johnson twice in the first round, with a very impressive, extremely powerful combination. As Johnson got up, his legs were gone, he couldn’t move. Joshua then simply went to the corner and unleashed another vicious flurry, the ropes kept Johnson up & then he slumped below the ropes. Somehow the fight was allowed to go on with Johnson's corner picking their fighter up off the ground. Joshua then finished the destruction early in the 2nd round with another brutal right hand. Nothing else needs to be said, but Anthony Joshua is the future of the Heavyweight division. 
Kell Brook destroyed Frankie Gavin. I had Brook up 5-0 before he unleashed a systematic destruction in the 6th round. Gavin fought well, but realistically Brook is just about the best Welterweight in the world at the moment, apart from Mayweather.
Kevin Mitchell came up short against Jorge Linares. The Venezuelan 3 time world champion won through TKO in the 10th round. Mitchell was outboxed for large portions of the fight but he had a little success dropping Linares in the 5th round. However Linares was just to strong overall. 

What Do These Results Mean?

     Kell Brook looks stronger with each fight and he is the 2nd best Welterweight in the world behind Mayweather at the moment. I actually think Brook is a more complete fighter than Thurman. It would be good to see Brook vs Khan next. Khan looked a little vulnerable vs Algieri, but Khan is an inconsistent fighter and I think he may perform better against Brook. Brook vs Khan makes the most money for each fighter and the bout should happen next. However our mail is (inside knowledge), that JMM has begun training again and Brook vs JMM in Vegas is already being negotiated. JMM is 42 but he wants to win his 5th world title.
Anthony Joshua will be a Heavyweight champion shortly. But it’s what happens next which is interesting. I think theres a chance that they could rush him a little to quickly. So it’s important his next opponent isn’t a huge step up, but someone who is a little better offensively than Kevin Johnson. The power and speed Joshua possesses is rather scary and his reputation grows fast with each bout.
Kevin Mitchell may never win a World Title after falling short in his third attempt against Linares. Mitchell fought his heart out and regardless if he wins a title or not, he has been a good domestic level fighter.
What on Earth were Showtime or HBO thinking? The best card of the year wasn’t broadcast on HBO or Showtime. Shame on these major broadcasters, If I was a paying subscriber, I wouldn’t be happy with this.

British Boxing is rising fast. A golden era is fast approaching.

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