Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Two Names In Contention For Moneys September 12 Farewell Fight.

Paulie Malignaggi and Andre Berto Are In Contention For Mayweather's Next Fight. 

Floyd Mayweather is having his farewell fight on the 12th of September, his last bout in a five fight contract with Showtime and two names are in contention. As usual both these fighters are contracted to Al Haymon, which isn’t a surprise. So what is Floyd looking for in an opponent for his farewell bout? Well he’s looking for someone with a considerable name and fan base. The fight should also be a showcase farewell fight, rather than a competitive slug fest. Two names are in contention and both are experienced veterans.

     Andre Berto

     Berto is a solid fighter with a good following and he has been unlucky not to face Mayweather in the past. Berto has lost important bouts and he has seen his opponents then go onto fight Mayweather. Berto has lost out on countless riches, by loosing to Robert Guerrero and Victor Ortiz, who both fought Mayweather in their very next bouts for purses close to $5 million.  Berto brings a considerable name and fan base. Even though he's 31, Berto has been in a lot of wars and as a fighter he's on the gradual decline. His role is more of a gatekeeper. Berto has good personality and confidence which can help the fight sell and he's also an easy victory for Mayweather. 
     Paulie Malignaggi

     Paulie is a great personality and he is well respected throughout boxing. He has a large fan base from his boxing career and commentary career, combined with his legendary social media interactions with fans. Malignaggi is very respectful towards Mayweather and this could provide a good platform for Floyd’s farewell. Floyd doesn’t need an opponent who is trash talking him as this would be against the point of a positive showcase farewell fight. Floyd is after an opponent that respects Floyd and explains how good his career has been. I’m sure Paulie will let the public know how good Floyd is. His commentary and fan base will also provide a good platform for adequate pay per view sales. 

Berto and Malignaggi are definetely the favourites to secure a farewell bout with Mayweather. Everything looks set for September 12th. 

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