Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Antonio Tarver Left Out In The Cold. By The Sport He Gave His Life To.

It’s been 6 months since Antonio Tarver knocked out Jonathan Banks in the 7th round of his ESPN televised bout in California. Tarver did everything he possibly could, he analyzed Banks and then knocked him out. The logical next step would be a fight on one of the major networks. Regardless of his age, he won a bout rather impressively, in front of a national television audience. Logic says, he should move onto a bigger bout.

This is where the dirty business of boxing comes into play. Some boxing writers, unprofessionally began to argue ‘who cares’. Forming the opinion that a win over Banks doesn’t prove much. Well actually it does, he won convincingly and now he deserves a bigger bout. This sport isn’t about age. If you’re good enough to beat a contender, you should be allowed to seek a bigger fight. It seems that boxing networks now show no interest in Tarver.

Now I can’t understand how he wouldn’t qualify as a potential Deontay Wilder opponent? Tarver would actually provide decent competition for Wilder. Tarver can punch and he has never been knocked out before. Tarver has given his life to boxing. Sure it has also given Tarver riches and everything else a successful man desires. But recently the sport has betrayed Tarver. He has beaten Banks and he deserves a bigger fight. It seems that he will be ignored into oblivion and retirement. While the Heavyweight Kingpins continue to fight opponents coming off losses.

Tarver at least deserves a shot at Wilder. If the reports are true on Wilder’s next opponent, this opponent is no where near the same caliber of fighter that a 46 year old Tarver is.

Give the man a chance. Regardless of age.

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