Thursday, 21 May 2015

Andre Direll vs James Degale – Miss it At Your Own Loss

Degale vs Direll in Boston. 

This fight is going under the radar a bit. This is a top notch fight between two highly skilled world class fighters. It’s rare that non-established fighters test themselves in such a bout, everything is at risk for both Direll and Degale. Degale is more of a boxer puncher. Direll is more of an athletic boxer. Both are highly skilled, both are gifted with hand speed and both are very smart fighters.

I think this could turn out to be a classic. Andre Direll this week mentioned he has never been this hungry for a fight. I rate him a lot higher than his brother Anthony. In fact when Direll is in form I rate him as one of the elite at 168. I had him winning his bout with Froch by 1 point. He didn’t do himself any favors a few years by fighting extremely defensive and holding at every chance he got. But he did out box Froch and he was out boxing Abraham before he won by DQ.

Degale has impressed me. From all the footage of him I have seen & keep in mind I research fighters that I don’t know to much about. He is a very gifted counter puncher. I was looking at some of the shots he landed on George Groves, even though he lost in a disputed decision, it was a star making performance. He was landing check hooks in the counters, he is a natural counter puncher.

As always the first few rounds of this bout should be interesting. It may be a bit of a feeling out period, but Degale needs to land something solid early. He is the bigger puncher of the two and if he can manage to hurt Direll early, he will most likely be able to make the American a little hesitant to let his hands go and he should be able to pull away on the scorecards. If Direll gets away to a fast start he will be very hard to catch as he is a confidence fighter.

I’m not making a prediction for this fight. But I would like to see the winner fight Andre Ward. I have always been fascinated about how a bout between Andre Direll and Andre Ward would play out. We all know Andre Ward is the king of the division but styles make fights and I also think James Degale could have an awkward style for Ward.

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