Sunday, 3 May 2015

Analysis of Mayweather Beating Pacquiao. Roach Get’s It Wrong Again.

Floyd Mayweather easily accounted for Manny Pacquiao today, winning the super fight through a comprehensive unanimous decision. The fight was even after six rounds. Mayweather was landing the cleaner more consistent shots, however Pacquiao hurt the undefeated American several times between the first and sixth round. From then Floyd does what he does best, he uses his unmatched boxing intelligence. The fight played out exactly how Bernard Hopkins explained it would.

After six rounds I had it 3-3. Floyd them seemingly picked Pacquiao’s weaknesses, he changed his punches and began firing the left hook through after the right hand. This was effective and Pacquiao stopped throwing punches. It became a boxing match and Mayweather won every round after that on my scorecard. I didn’t expect the fight to be this comprehensive for the American. Their can’t be an outcry about the result. It was plain for all to see and the better boxer easily won on the night.

Here are some facts which I would like to note:

-   Mayweather fought odd in the first six rounds. I had the bout even, but I didn’t think Pacquiao looked great, it was rather just Floyd wasn’t fighting to his best potential.
    I’m not sure why and I don’t think I will ever understand this, but Manny stopped throwing combinations after the sixth round. His work rate dropped and he was staying on the outside on the back foot a lot. Maybe the body shots, which he was regularly getting hit with, began to take their tool.

After the fight in something that wasn’t expected. Pacquiao and his team showed no class. Manny and Freddie Roach claimed victory, despite loosing the fight comprehensively which everyone witnessed. Manny said he didn’t want to make excuses but he did exactly that, blaming a sore shoulder on the loss. Realistically Floyd is just the better fighter. Floyd also made a joke after saying he was injured all over and this restricted his ability to win, but he won anyway. So Manny lost a few fans tonight and so did Freddie Roach. The game plan was simple and he didn’t fight to his potential. After Mayweather adjusted Manny didn’t have a back up plan.

Floyd, who was jeered by the crowd, cemented his greatness. As a boxing fan, casual sports fan or Pacquiao fan, the greatness of Floyd Mayweather Jr must be respected. His name and legacy will live on for generations to come. He has deserved this accolade and he has been the face of boxing of this era.

Farewell to the king of this era. May your retirement be relaxing and enjoyable.

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