Sunday, 3 May 2015

Al Haymon May Be Getting Sued By GBP and other Major Businesses.

Al Haymon, the king of boxing seems to be getting sued by Golden Boy Promotions and a long list of other famous boxing organizations, networks and personalities. The reasons for the lawsuit seem to be potential violations of the Ali act, which was established in 2000. Now the Ali act aims at protecting the rights of boxers and making sure they receive what is in there best interests.

Now I’m not a legal expert but it seems that a majority of the pending law suit against Al Haymon focuses on his position in the events. He is said to be acting as the promoter and manager of fighters which isn’t in the fighters best interests. Or he could potentially be sued for creating the one boxing league, with PBC fights not recognizing organization belts and unique PBC belts are about to be introduced. Similar to what has happened in the UFC lately.

I must say I was wary of Al Haymon from the start. I was against his power in boxing. But lets look at what has happened. We got to see the mega fight which everyone in the world wanted to see this year. We now also have a large list of bouts on free to air television. This is a good thing and I think this lawsuit is about jealousy. He is doing things which other promoters and boxing organizations couldn’t do, even though they had the capacity to do it.

Buying television slots wasn’t out of the reach of GBP or Top Rank. They only did this once Al Haymon began his television slot buying spree. Why wait for after Haymon does this before they purchase time slots? Well the answer is Haymon was prepared to implement the plan himself and become a pioneer for the sport. Something which has benefited the sport dramatically.

So while most people might not like Haymon for the power he yields in the sport, with natural jealousy occurring. You can’t forget the impact he has had on the sport. We have seen the mega fight which was possible with Haymon communicating with his bitter rival Arum. We also have quality match ups on free to air television. Making our sport healthier than it’s ever been. So please, leave Haymon alone. Regardless if he has violated the act or not, his interests have been in the best interest of boxing. Fighters are receiving record purses and they are fighting in front of large television audiences which wouldn’t have been possible without the bright mind of Haymon.

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