Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Timothy Bradley vs Jesse Vargas. An Upset Could Be In The Making

Jesse Vargas vs Tim Bradley : What We Can Expect

Timothy Bradley Jr fights Jesse Vargas on the 27th of June at the Stubhub center in Carson, California. Despite many boxing experts feeling Bradley should win easy, boxing legend Roy Jones Jr has spiked interest in the bout by saying Bradley could be showing wear after a lot of tough battles. Timothy Bradley has virtually fought every tough competitor put in front of him, including two bouts with Manny Pacquiao and a bruising encounter against Ruslan Provodnikov.

In the second Pacquiao fight, Bradley took a beating. He was hurt several times and he refused to quit, seeing out twelve rounds and losing by a wide unanimous decision. Against Provodnikov, Bradley was concussed at several stages of the bout but showed a lot of heart to eventually win a close decision. Bradley is a quality fighter, very entertaining and easy to watch. His one major restriction is his lack of power. If Bradley had knockout power, he would be close to a complete fighter. Some flaws also remain in his defence. So as the boxing experts say, the past wars could mean Bradley is a lot older than 31. 

Jesse Vargas is only 26 and he is progressing with each fight. Despite being rather limited a few years ago, he has now developed into a respected fighter, who is close to the elite level. His combination punching is crisp and his ring smarts are beyond his years. He is coming off a wide points decision win over Antonio Demarco in Macau, which was his career best performance. Demarco was meant to test Vargas, however Vargas easily out pointed the tough and internationally respected Mexican.

Another appealing factor of this bout is Bradley’s fighting style. Despite being an excellent boxer he always participates in exchanges, which leads to brutal, action packed bouts, which entertain the crowd. Despite this fight not being the most even on paper, it could easily be another brawl and contender for fight of the year. Bradley is becoming a bigger draw with each fight as his courage is now well known to boxing fans. The only question is, when will his past wars begin to show? It could very well be in this bout. And Jesse Vargas, might be about to shock the world!

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