Sunday, 17 May 2015

Breaking Down Canelo, Golovkin and Cotto’s real weight. Disregarding Divisions.

Fight Night Weights Of GGG, Canelo & Cotto. 

Gennady Golovkin destroyed Willie Monroe Jr yesterday, stopping the New Yorker in the 6th round. Monroe got dropped multiple times early in the fight and despite showing heart and resistance, he was over matched and out powered by the impressive GGG. Now this post is about breaking down Cotto, Canelo and GGG in terms of weight.

     Golovkin despite being enormously powerful is actually a small Middleweight. His fight night weight ranges from 167 to 169 pounds which is actually similar to other Junior Middleweights.
Both Cotto and Canelo have been known for having similar and even heavier fight night weights. So the size difference between GGG, Cotto & Canelo is actually not a problem. All three are extremely similar in weight, nearly identical when they reach the ring to fight.

Until boxing has a better weigh in system, we will have fighters who are draining themselves and then re-hydrating in a big way to bully opponents around the ring when the fight begins. The argument that Cotto is a small Middleweight has been proven wrong. In his recent 30 day pre fight weigh in for his bout with Geale, Cotto weighed 163 pounds and Geale weighed 158 pounds. So Daniel Geale is actually a smaller Middleweight in comparison to Cotto and Geale should probably be fighting at JMW. 

Floyd Mayweather also had a different, muscular body type for the Pacquiao bout. He looked a lot larger than Pacquiao in the ring and had to be closer to 160 pounds on fight night. Floyd isn’t a small welterweight anymore and saying Golovkin is to big for Floyd to fight is actually incorrect, since Golovkin and Canelo are nearly identical in physical attributes and fight night weight. We know Floyd easily accounted for Canelo and since Gennady is a similar size, it's a winnable fight if it can be made. 

So the summary of this post is, don’t be confused by Canelo & Cotto claiming GGG is to big to fight. He’s actually extremely similar in size. Floyd isn’t to far behind either. It’s always important to analyze fight night weights. Because some fighters despite being exceptionally gifted in fighting skills, are also gifted in making weight then re-hydrating and having a huge weight advantage over their opponents.

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