Wednesday, 20 May 2015

GGG Next Fight News at 168. Kovalev News At Cruiserweight Or Heavyweight

Golovkin vs Froch 
Kovalev vs Huck

We currently have two superstars emerging in the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions. One is Gennady Golovkin who goes by the nickname ‘GGG’. The other is Sergey Kovalev, also known as ‘The Krusher’. Both fighters are intimidating and they are clearly the best fighters in their divisions. No one is willing to fight them, even current champions are ignoring challenges. Opponents know the potential beatings that could potentially shorten their careers. So what should GGG & Kovalev do next? When should they move up in weight?

Golovkin: Gennady is in an awkward position. No one wants to fight him. Even other Middleweight title holders such as Cotto and Andy Lee are looking the other way. There is nothing wrong with that, GGG is an intimidating fighter and he has awesome power. He has knocked out top class fighters such as Geale and Murray and made them look like they weren’t even in the top 50 in his division. Golovkin would fight anyone at Middleweight & in my opinion he would win. His biggest challenge is Canelo, but the Mexican is still a couple of years from moving up to Middleweight. Now nothing is at Middleweight for Golovkin, not now and not in 6 months time. A fight with Lemieux, while interesting due to the Canadians power, will likely be another one sided win in the middle rounds for GGG. So it’s time for GGG to make the move to 168. Even if it doesn’t involve fighting Andre Ward who isn’t a draw, there is another major fight there in Carl Froch. Froch is waiting for GGG and he is a huge draw in the UK. Froch just made $13 M US, beating George Groves in their rematch. Froch also has a respected name in the US, so the money is there and Gennady should travel to the UK for this fight.

Kovalev: ‘The Krusher’ is a little bit to blame in this reign. His main opponent is Adonis Stevenson. Kovalev would win that unification bout rather easily in my opinion, however Stevenson does have power which could worry the Russian. Kovalev and his team have boycotted a WBC purse bid which would have led to the unification fight, despite Stevenson and his team being keen on the bout. So without Stevenson, Kovalev is left with no real challengers at Light Heavyweight. He has just destroyed Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal. He travels often and wins easily, in front of hostile crowds. Kovalev is a huge Light Heavyweight, his body has a tough time making the 175 Pound weight limit. Similar to Golovkin, it’s time for Kovalev to make the move up in weight. Cruiserweight or even Heavyweight are realistic options for Kovalev. His talent is enormous, I would go as far as saying he is a more complete fighter than GGG.

It’s time for GGG and Kovalev to move up in weights. They are both recognized as being the best in their divisions and they are stars. But we need to remember All Time Greats such as Mayweather and Pacquiao moved up multiple weight divisions in their quests to be great and they have succeeded in that. GGG & Krusher haven’t moved up a single weight division as of yet and they definitely have the talent and ability to do this.

It’s time both these stars moved up in weight and dared to be great.   

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