Tuesday, 26 May 2015

This Weeks Boxing Notes : Bankruptcy, Russia And More.

Here is a quick summary of this weeks boxing notes.

-       50 Cents ‘SMS Promotions’ has declared bankruptcy overnight. 50 cents last show was on the 15th of May. The companies debts were detailed as being between $200-$500K. It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances for 50 cent. However he has recently been involved in another lucrative investment. Involving bottled Vodka which has taken off and has become another cash cow for the media mogul. He originally made a lot of money from rapping and investments in vitamin water which pocketed him nearly $100 million net.
-      Austin Trout is expected to return in a bout on the 1st of August. The bout will likely be on a PBC afternoon show. His likely opponent is Anthony Mundine. The two were scheduled to meet last month, however the Australian had to pull out due to ear problems, which occurred during sparring.
-       Sergey Kovalev has just about the worst PR team in boxing at the moment. Some of his press releases have been horrible and they have damaged his reputation a little amongst boxing fans. However his team have done a fantastic job in getting him the right fights which has allowed the Russian to develop into a star.
-       Golovkins power is greater to that of Kovalev, according to Kovalev himself. The two have sparred continuously over the past few years and Kovalev describes Golovkin's power as unique. It has a snap to it and the Middleweight actually punches harder than Kovalev himself.
-       It has been 50 years since Ali famously knocked out Sonny Liston in the first round of their heavyweight bout. Ali shocked the world with the phantom punch which took half a second to land with many ringside experts thinking Liston took a dive, the punch was so fast. This was one of Ali’s greatest moment, sad how time flies.

-       Freddie Roach is coming out with some bizarre statements again. Which is a fantastic sign for Geale and his team. Going by Freddie’s statements over the past six months, it’s a safe bet to ignore what he says and believe in the opposite.


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