Saturday, 30 May 2015

British Boxing News : Brook & Joshua Continue To Shine.

British Boxing Notes. Brook, Joshua & Selby All Class.

The O2 Arena tonight was home to the best boxing card of the year. I am surprised that no major US broadcaster such as Showtime Boxing or HBO Boxing picked up the card. Negotiations started way to late for the broadcast, which was unprofessional on both HBO & Showtimes part. Essentially there was 4 very solid match ups and each of them deserved to be broadcasted to the biggest boxing market in the world (the USA). Showtime & HBO definitely let there subscribers down tonight. Let me break down the continual rise of British boxing which is about to embark on a golden era.
Selby defeated Gradovich through decision. The fight was stopped due to a nasty cut on Gradovich. The cards showed Selby was well in front, a little to far in front compared to my scorecard. But Selby fought very well. Gradovich as we know he does, kept putting pressure on and coming forward to fight. But Selby fought to a terrific game plan and just continued to pick Gradovich off from the outside.
Anthony Joshua destroyed Kevin Johnson in two rounds. Joshua dropped Johnson twice in the first round, with a very impressive, extremely powerful combination. As Johnson got up, his legs were gone, he couldn’t move. Joshua then simply went to the corner and unleashed another vicious flurry, the ropes kept Johnson up & then he slumped below the ropes. Somehow the fight was allowed to go on with Johnson's corner picking their fighter up off the ground. Joshua then finished the destruction early in the 2nd round with another brutal right hand. Nothing else needs to be said, but Anthony Joshua is the future of the Heavyweight division. 
Kell Brook destroyed Frankie Gavin. I had Brook up 5-0 before he unleashed a systematic destruction in the 6th round. Gavin fought well, but realistically Brook is just about the best Welterweight in the world at the moment, apart from Mayweather.
Kevin Mitchell came up short against Jorge Linares. The Venezuelan 3 time world champion won through TKO in the 10th round. Mitchell was outboxed for large portions of the fight but he had a little success dropping Linares in the 5th round. However Linares was just to strong overall. 

What Do These Results Mean?

     Kell Brook looks stronger with each fight and he is the 2nd best Welterweight in the world behind Mayweather at the moment. I actually think Brook is a more complete fighter than Thurman. It would be good to see Brook vs Khan next. Khan looked a little vulnerable vs Algieri, but Khan is an inconsistent fighter and I think he may perform better against Brook. Brook vs Khan makes the most money for each fighter and the bout should happen next. However our mail is (inside knowledge), that JMM has begun training again and Brook vs JMM in Vegas is already being negotiated. JMM is 42 but he wants to win his 5th world title.
Anthony Joshua will be a Heavyweight champion shortly. But it’s what happens next which is interesting. I think theres a chance that they could rush him a little to quickly. So it’s important his next opponent isn’t a huge step up, but someone who is a little better offensively than Kevin Johnson. The power and speed Joshua possesses is rather scary and his reputation grows fast with each bout.
Kevin Mitchell may never win a World Title after falling short in his third attempt against Linares. Mitchell fought his heart out and regardless if he wins a title or not, he has been a good domestic level fighter.
What on Earth were Showtime or HBO thinking? The best card of the year wasn’t broadcast on HBO or Showtime. Shame on these major broadcasters, If I was a paying subscriber, I wouldn’t be happy with this.

British Boxing is rising fast. A golden era is fast approaching.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

This Weeks Boxing Notes : Bankruptcy, Russia And More.

Here is a quick summary of this weeks boxing notes.

-       50 Cents ‘SMS Promotions’ has declared bankruptcy overnight. 50 cents last show was on the 15th of May. The companies debts were detailed as being between $200-$500K. It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances for 50 cent. However he has recently been involved in another lucrative investment. Involving bottled Vodka which has taken off and has become another cash cow for the media mogul. He originally made a lot of money from rapping and investments in vitamin water which pocketed him nearly $100 million net.
-      Austin Trout is expected to return in a bout on the 1st of August. The bout will likely be on a PBC afternoon show. His likely opponent is Anthony Mundine. The two were scheduled to meet last month, however the Australian had to pull out due to ear problems, which occurred during sparring.
-       Sergey Kovalev has just about the worst PR team in boxing at the moment. Some of his press releases have been horrible and they have damaged his reputation a little amongst boxing fans. However his team have done a fantastic job in getting him the right fights which has allowed the Russian to develop into a star.
-       Golovkins power is greater to that of Kovalev, according to Kovalev himself. The two have sparred continuously over the past few years and Kovalev describes Golovkin's power as unique. It has a snap to it and the Middleweight actually punches harder than Kovalev himself.
-       It has been 50 years since Ali famously knocked out Sonny Liston in the first round of their heavyweight bout. Ali shocked the world with the phantom punch which took half a second to land with many ringside experts thinking Liston took a dive, the punch was so fast. This was one of Ali’s greatest moment, sad how time flies.

-       Freddie Roach is coming out with some bizarre statements again. Which is a fantastic sign for Geale and his team. Going by Freddie’s statements over the past six months, it’s a safe bet to ignore what he says and believe in the opposite.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

British Boxing Continues To Rise After Degale Wins in Boston

James Degale defeated Andre Dirrell tonight by Unanimous Decision to win the vacant IBF Super Middleweight title in Boston. Dirrell started well early, controlling the first round and most of the 2nd round. However Degale fainted twice nicely with jabs to the chest of Dirrell, before landing a massive overhand left which flattened Dirrell. The American was clearly hurt and he made the surprise mistake of rising to early, his legs weren’t stable. Dirrell then got caught again and was wrestled down, however the ref called it a knockdown. As Dirrell rose again the round ending bell was very late and DeGale landed another massive left hand. Dirrell was in a lot of trouble as he walked back to his corner at the end of the 2nd round and many thought this fight was about to end.

To Andre Dirrell’s credit he showed enormous heart and began to slowly work his way back into the contest. DeGale’s work rate dropped in rounds 7-9 and heading into the Championship rounds the bout was close to even. With many expecting the American could be on the receiving end of a favorable decision considering he was fighting in his home country. However just as Dirrell began to regain the momentum, DeGale came back with the some awesome counter punchers in the 11th and 12th rounds, winning both on my unofficial card.

The scorecards were rather wide for DeGale which was surprising. I had the British Olympic Gold Medalist winning by two rounds. It must be noted though that Dirrell’s stock went up after this performance, the way he re-grouped after nearly being knocked out in the 2nd round and winning a lot of rounds was a testament to his character and fortitude, something that I had mistakingly doubted before the fight began.  It’s also worth noting their isn’t a loser when both fighters earned over $1.5 million USD for this bout. Funnily enough, off topic I just wanted to mention that both fighters earned considerably larger purses than Golovkin earned against Monroe two weeks ago.

It’s going to be interesting to see where DeGale goes from here. At the post fight press conference the British fighter called out American champion Andre Ward. Ward is widely regarded as the best at Super Middleweight and the favorite to potentially unify the Light Heavyweight division in the future. However it’s also important to note DeGale is improving and he has fantastic pedigree as a British Olympic champion. I am intrigued in how a bout with Ward will play out, considering DeGale has a rather uncomfortable style for Ward to deal with. If DeGale vs Ward gets made, the American will rightfully start as the heavy favorite. However I won’t be making the mistake and writing DeGale off, I think he is in with a real chance to upset the world again.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Alexander Povetkin Destroys Mike Perez. Wilder vs Povetkin In Russia?

Alexander Povetkin just destroyed Cuban Heavyweight Mike Perez in 90 seconds overnight. A huge right hand buckled the legs of the Cuban, who then got tagged again with another monstrous right hook early in the fight. Perez went down and amazingly got up, but he was in no condition to continue fighting. The referee made a poor decision in letting the bout go on since the Cuban was already in a bad way & out on his feet. When the action resumed Povetkin just teed off on Perez and the fight was over. This was a surprisingly brutal performance in a bout which many boxing experts thought would go the distance or at least into the latter stages.

So What does this win mean for Povetkin?

This win rates as one of the best performances of Povetkin’s career. Mike Perez was a well recognized opponent, but the way he got brutally destroyed in 90 seconds was very impressive. It’s worth noting though that Mike Perez hasn’t been the same fighter since his tragic win over Magomed Abdusalamov. Povetkin is now the mandatory challenger for the WBC Heavyweight Title, held by American Deontay Wilder. 

Will Povetkin vs Wilder Happen?

     This fight simply won’t happen. Despite Wilder talking it up on twitter again. He is yet to realize Povetkin’s promoter/managers have just as much money as Al Haymon & his team of investors. So when this scheduled bout goes to a purse bid, it’s highly likely that Povetkins team will win the bid. Will Wilder then fly to Russia to defend his title? I would say there is a very good chance he will vacate the belt.

Charr Defeats Leapai by Decision.

This was a fun fight to watch. It was very even throughout the first five rounds. Leapai as usual was brawling and landing some significant power shots. However Charr has a good chin and he simply outboxed and fought his way through the Australian’s high guard as the fight went on. Leapai’s conditioning let him down as the Australian looked a little over weight. It’s worth noting that Leapai took the fight on short notice. Overall it was a fun fight to watch and Charr was entertaining the fans throughout, doing the Ali foot shuffle and at one stage in between rounds doing a handstand. The handstand was poor, however Charr's performance was quite entertaining and Leapai put in a valiant effort, but once again came up short in an important fight. 

Could Anthony Joshua Be The First Fighter To Stop Kevin Johnson?

Anthony Joshua has an intriguing next fight against American Kevin Johnson. This bout will take place on the 30th of May at the 02 Arena in London. As many boxing fans know Joshua is being promoted as the future of the Heavyweight division and he has developed fans across the world already. His rise is receiving more attention that that of other rising Heavyweight Joseph Parker, who I rate slightly higher than Anthony Joshua. The Brit is very strong, I don’t think he will have a career as successful as Lennox Lewis had, but he will be a world champion at some stage.

His bout with Kevin Johnson attempts to determine how real Joshua’s power is. Johnson has never been stopped before and it will be interesting to see if this will be the American’s first stoppage loss. If it turns out to be Joshua winning by knockout, his power and overall reputation in the international arena will continue to grow. Joshua also speaks well and he is highly marketable so expect to see him on billboards across the world in the coming years.

As for this bout, It’s rather interesting, despite Johnson being a gatekeeper he is still a big step up from recent opposition the Brit has been facing. A win over Johnson will likely lead to a bigger fight. I would like to see Anthony Joshua fight domestic rival David Price. We all know David Price has been having issues with his chin but it will be interesting to see how Joshua handles Price’s power if he has to throughout certain stages of the bout.

Joshua is impressive and I expect him to impress the fans even more on the 30th of May. The future for British boxing is bright.

Does Cocaine Or Coffee Help You In A Fight : And Do Boxers Use It

Cocaine and Coffee are two drugs, one being illicit and one being legal which have several benefits for boxers. Both cocaine and coffee would help you in a fight for several reasons. However both also have potential negative effects which kick in around one hour after these are consumed. I will go over what happens to fighters who take these and why boxers have taken these substances in the past.

Coffee: Coffee provides a natural high. Similar to cocaine it elevates the heart rate, to a lesser degree. Coffee has some negative effects. Despite initially providing more energy, coffee causes dehydration. So if boxers drink coffee before a bout they may have excess energy for the first couple of rounds but they will dehydrate and cramp up quicker. Drinking coffee for a fighter is totally counter productive in terms of what they are trying to achieve. 

Cocaine: Cocaine has less dehydrating qualities. This substance is illicit, highly addictive and a massive problem for societies across the world.  Cocaine gets the heart rate up very high and provides adrenaline throughout the body. Adrenaline provides a huge boost in taking punishment such as punches. When a boxer who is high on cocaine takes a punch, the effect of this punch would be less than normal. A feeling of invincibility accompanies adrenaline throughout the body. Taking cocaine before a bout would have some very negative impacts. Despite facing a huge ban as the substance is illicit in boxing just as it is throughout society. It’s likely to make a fighter angry which leads to losses of concentration. In boxing concentration is everything especially for counter punches in high quality bouts. 

So the short answer is. Both Cocaine and coffee would help a boxer or normal person in a fight. Both get your heart rates up, however drinking Coffee dehydrates people quickly and if a boxer did this before a bout they would feel lethargic and cramp up a lot earlier than normal. As for a boxer taking cocaine before a bout and if that would help in a fight. Well it would help in a big way. The increased adrenaline could make a domestic level fighter perform like superman on the international arena. It would be rather obvious if a fighter was under the influence of drugs at a post fight interview or press conference, by the incoherent ramblings which accompany cocaine users.