Friday, 24 April 2015

Would A Boxer Beat a UFC Fighter

How would a fight between a Boxer and a UFC fighter go.  This gets asked on a daily basis by boxing and martial arts fans and this usually leads to arguments and some times physical altercations at bars and clubs. I have done a lot of boxing training over the years and I will explain how I see this.

The fight can go two ways. Now as a UFC fighter or Martial Arts fighter makes room and tries to move into the range of a Boxer when a fight starts. The boxer has a major advantage and the potential to knock the martial arts fighter out as they come in range. If the boxer doesn’t knock the UFC Or Martial Arts fighter out as they lunge in the fight will be over shortly after with the UFC fighter winning. Boxers as soon as they are grappled and wrestled by a martial arts and UFC fighter would be defeated. However there is a good chance that when a martial arts fighter comes in range the boxer would be able to win by knock out.

So a Boxer has a very good chance of winning by Knock out in the first 10 seconds. If it goes further than that, the UFC fighter will win nearly every time and quickly after that.

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