Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Will there be Replays Of Mayweather vs Pacquiao Online? Where To Watch Replays?

A common question that will be asked after the Mayweather vs Pacquiao mega fight is where can I watch a replay of the fight online? Well there will be various videos online but they will most likely be in a different language. The broadcasters have full rights to the replays also so expect them to come down tough on copyright violators. It will be close to impossible to catch a video replay of the fight within months after the fight is complete. All that will be on offer is simple highlight videos.

So some advice :

-       Don’t miss the fight. This is the key. Watch it live.
-       Don’t bother looking on the net for replays of the fight. These will be taken down almost instantly. Reason is the replays of the fight will be some of the highest rating television for weeks after and the networks have planned this and are hoping to replay the fight several times after.
-       Downloading the bout through torrent files can work but these aren’t always great.
The smart thing to do is sign up to a broadcaster that has rights of showing replays of the bout, such as HBO or Showtime & this should work well. They will be replaying the bout weekly for a few weeks after and then this will become monthly after that.

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