Thursday, 23 April 2015

Who Is The Richest Boxer In The World?

At the moment the richest current boxer in the world is easily Floyd Mayweather Junior who has amassed a net worth of $500 million & it will be closer to one billion after the Pacquiao mega fight on May 2nd is finished. Out of current boxers, other notably rich fighters include Miguel Cotto who has earnt over $50 million in his career. Australia has also produced a rich boxer with Anthony Mundine’s net worth said to be over $50 million & growing. He has had every one of his fights on Pay per view in Australia, from his first pro bout up until his most recent bout with Austin Trout.

Of the retired boxers Ali is worth a lot of money. But George Foreman is the wealthiest with Oscar De La Hoya. George Foreman has made close to $200 million from his famous grill and De La Hoya is worth close to $1 billion due to a lucrative career and strong promotions business named Golden Boy Promotion.

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