Friday, 24 April 2015

Was Tyson On Roids? Was Tyson The Greatest?

Each week we get a new allegation that Mike Tyson was on Roids. Roids is the shortened term for Steroids. We can safely say that Mike Tyson wasn’t on steroids throughout his career and I will explain why. Tyson was actually genetically gifted, without Gym work he was 100 KG of muscle at the age of 13. He was naturally strong.

Now combine this with an intense boxing and weights training regime, the already strong Tyson had a ferocious appearance. His main food sources were Pasta, Steak & Potatoes. There is several articles throughout the internet showing his training regime. It wasn’t to different from old school and modern era boxers and his weight training wasn’t extreme. Mike Tyson was genetically gifted, the fact that he could maintain his impressive hand speed with all that muscle shows it was due to a heavy natural element.

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