Sunday, 26 April 2015

Takashi Miura vs Billy Dib. The Australian Continues to Challenge Himself

I must admit at the start of Billy Dib's career I didn't think much of his abilities. Evidentally he has turned out to be a legitimate contender, which is less of an achievement in comparison to what Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley predicted he would achieve. They essentially predicted the Australian was on the way to greatness. 

So when you are Watching the Billy Dib vs Miura Fight Online or If you are watching the Dib vs Miura Fight Video replay, regardless of the result keep in mind Billy Dib has continued to challenge himself. Realistically he is limited as a boxer. He is a counter puncher with good skills. But he lacks speed and power. Without these two major assets he should struggle to make the top 50 in his division. But he is consistently in the mix for world title fights. Even if he doesn't win his upcoming fight again Miura you must admire his commitment. 

He is professional in all interviews and who's to criticize someone who is trying to reach his potential? Regardless if he doesn't win the title in Japan next week, Billy Dib should be applauded. He's rather limited but always giving his best shot and it wouldn't surprise me if he shocks the world. If he doesn't, Billy can hold his head up high. He has had another crack at stardom. If it follows him or not, Australia and the boxing world surely should respect this courageous fighter. 

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