Thursday, 30 April 2015

Michael Buffer And Jimmy Lennon Junior Working Together On May 2nd

One of the coolest things happening in the ring this weekend, won’t actually include prize fighters. Michael Buffer and Jimmy Lennon Jr will be working together and doing co-announcements throughout the main event. Both are the two most respected announcers in the sport, with Michael Buffer being the most popular, however Jimmy Lennon Jr is a close second.

Both announcers have the highest levels of respect for each other and they have developed a great friendship over the years. I actually prefer listening to Jimmy Lennon JR, but he can’t match the ‘Lets get Ready to Rumble’ phrase Michael Buffer has made so famous.

Michael Buffer will be announcing HBO’s star fighter in Manny Pacquiao. Jimmy Lennon Jr will be announcing the biggest star in the sport in Floyd Mayweather JR. Both work well and have worked in tandem in the past.

This is one of the great rivalries of the sport, regardless of these two not being fighters. They have entertained the masses over the decades and they are very highly respected throughout the boxing community. Watching them both perform on the weekend, for me will be a highlight of the night.

Both of these announcers take a lot of time out of their busy schedules to liase with the fans and fighters. They are polite and extremely professional and are fantastic representatives for our great sport.

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