Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Mayweather Ignores Freddie Roach’s Crazy Statements

During the last two weeks Freddie Roach has been making statements about Mayweather, trying to get Money and his team to not focus on the bout. All mind games which are obviously played by both sides and it’s something to totally expect given how big this fight is and how close it is to occurring. Only 12 days away now.  Mayweather told interviewers and other members of the media during a recent question and answer session that he’s not fighting Freddie roach and he doesn’t really care what he says. Seems like a professional and smart decision by Mayweather. No point in getting in a war of words. He definitely respects Manny Pacquiao and is greatful that Manny has given Floyd the opportunity to become increasingly wealthy.

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