Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Last Minute or Day Of Fight Weigh In Tickets Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Last Minute or Same Day Weigh In Tickets

Are you in Las Vegas or going to Vegas and wondering where you can get last minute weigh in tickets for Mayweather vs Pacquiao, even if the weigh in is today? Well there could be a few avenues which you could try. Just so you know I won’t be there in person I live on a different continent. However If I lived close, I would at least try get to the event, or most likely get to a closed circuit venue which should also have an awesome atmosphere.

I expect there are a few ways to find last minute or same day weigh in tickets:

-       You could try buy them off people on the day of the fight. Even though it’s illegal in some places, well most places. People will be selling weigh in tickets on the day of the fight. It’s also wrong for them to do this, as the revenue from the weigh in tickets is meant to go directly to charity. But make no mistake their will be a lot of tickets available if you walk around the venue.
-       People will also put these tickets for sale on websites and on Ebay. However be careful as a lot of people have been scammed this way in the past.

I expect the atmosphere to the weigh in will be better than the atmospheres of most major fights that have ever taken place. Such is the mega nature of this fight. Once again it’s important to remember this is the largest fight to ever take place in the history of boxing. And just check how long the history of the sport is. That is taking into account all previous bout figures, even with inflation added.

Everyone is excited and not just boxing fans. But if you haven’t got a weigh in ticket, remain optimistic because I am sure there will be a lot available.

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