Thursday, 23 April 2015

Is Victor Ortiz Mexican?

Victor Ortiz is American by birth. He was born in ‘Liberal’, ‘Kansas’ in 1987. Victor Ortiz is however Mexican by heritage. Ortiz had three siblings, all of which were born to Mexican parents. Ortiz fights in a Mexican way. He always comes forward and looks for the knockout. Unfortunately in recent times this has led to Ortiz being knocked out himself. The first four rounds of his bout with Mayweather was one of Floyd’s toughest period in his career. Ortiz roughed up Mayweather and head butted the mega star. Ortiz had some serious success early landing some devastating power punches. Unfortunately Ortiz has also had some brain snaps throughout his career. He has done some silly things in the ring, quitting against Maidana, asking to be knocked out while embracing with Floyd & being knocked out by Collazo after leaping in like an amateur.

Ortiz has the following :

-       - Great Power
-       - Good Speed
-       - Awkward Stance
-       - Massive Frame for a Welterweight. The late Emmanuel Steward said he was the biggest welterweight he had ever seen in his bout with Mayweather.

Hopefully Ortiz recovers and becomes a major star again.

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