Friday, 24 April 2015

Is Manny Pacquiao Faster than Mayweather. Who is Faster?

I would say at the moment Manny Pacquiao is faster than Floyd Mayweather. A few years ago Mayweather definitely had the edge. But this older version of Floyd is slipping slightly and currently I would say Manny has the better speed. I will do a quick analysis which will show the strengths of both fighters & this may have an outcome on the fight on May 2nd. I have studied these fighters throughout their entire careers and it has been fantastic seeing them develop into the complete fighters they are today. However they are both past-prime at the moment, both were in their prime around four years ago. The fight would have been of higher quality then, however it wouldn’t have been nearly as big as it is now.

Key Points:

-       - Currently Pacquiao has better speed than Mayweather. He also has better power. Four years ago Mayweather was faster than Manny was at any stage of his career.

-      -  Ring intelligence remains with Mayweather, who apart from being the best defensive fighter I have seen, he can figure a fighter out and adopt strategies throughout each round.

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