Saturday, 25 April 2015

How did Mike Tyson Ruin His Career

Mike Tyson’s career was ruined due to a bad set of circumstances. Tyson was always wild, he had a bad divorce which affecting him deeply. He was young when this divorce happened. He also had bad people around him who weren’t guiding him. They were just there to use him for his money. Tyson did achieve a lot however, despite blowing his $200 million fortune he is now worth a lot of money again. He is much more leveled and he is very successful throughout various forms of media. He has recently completed:

-       - Several Documentaries about his life.
-       - Several on Screen Plays about his life.
-       - He has started a boxing promotions company, although he later sold his stable of fighters. He has regularly ran ESPN boxing shows.
-       - Tyson also does commentary for various sports channels and his face is well known across the world.

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