Saturday, 25 April 2015

Does Floyd Mayweather Have A Charity?

Floyd Mayweather does have a charity and the name of the charity is “The Floyd Mayweather JR Foundation”. This charity does a lot for poor people throughout the Las Vegas area. It aims at giving back to the citizens of Las Vegas at various times of the year. During thanksgiving free Turkeys are given to those suffering from poverty and baskets of presents are given during the Christmas period.

Floyd Mayweather :

-     -  Is a major asset for the Las Vegas Area. He has brought in billions of dollars of revenue and continues to do this in each of his fights. He pays a lot of peoples salaries. He also spends substantial amounts of money.

- Mayweather is very giving with his money. To the point where he is criticized for being reckless with his spending. However it’s important to remember that money is going to the Las Vegas community. He also spends big in California and Miami where has mansions and a luxury set of cars.

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