Monday, 27 April 2015

Did Sugar Ray Robinson Lift Weights?

Sugar Ray Robinson didn’t life weights. Back in the old school era’s of boxing the focus was on speed and using natural body weight to improve power. By using natural body weight exercises such as push ups and chin ups, power is significantly increased without loosing flexibility. Maintaining flexibility and increasing power often leads to improvements in speed.

The old school era fighters would focus on running, hitting the bag, pad work and sparring would be done a few weeks before a bout. Just so fighters get their timing back again. Due to the tough natural of the past generations where some fighters were fighting every couple of weeks, sparring at times was rather limited and sometimes non-existent. By fighting so regularly the boxers were able to maintain timing and rhythm without putting in the grueling rounds at the gym.

So old school training methods:

-       - Didn’t include weights.
-       - They included natural body weight exercises
-       - Speed Bag exercises.
-       - Running.
-       - Padwork.
-       - Extensive push ups & Chin ups.

Contrary to this information Rocky Marciano was known to use heavy weights on a consistent basis. Marciano used weights from a young age and it contributed to his amazing muscular physique. Combined with his overall ferocity and courage, weight training played a key role in his all time great career.

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