Friday, 3 April 2015

Austin Trout vs Anthony Mundine for May 9th.

Austin Trout and Anthony Mundine look set to fight in Texas on the 9th of May. The fight will most likely be shown on national television in the US. This fight is rather interesting as it's a cross road fight. Despite being on the loosing end of bouts again Canelo & Lara over the last two years, Trout has consistently fought good opposition. Mundine on the other hand has also been rather inconsistent despite a very impressive win against unbeaten prospect Sergey Rabchenko at the end of last year. I had Mundine winning that fight clearly, the calls made by Rabchenko & Ricky Hatton regarding the decision were out of line. It was a fair result. As for who wins Trout vs Mundine, I think Mundine may stop Trout. Going off previous form and how badly Trout was hurt vs Dawson. I also think their styles will match and will provide a highly entertaining fight. 

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