Saturday, 25 October 2014

Murray vs Golovkin Is Next. After Murray Beats Spada

Martin Murray today beat Domenico Spada of Italy in Monte Carlo. Murray looked sluggish, a little slow, however he did look like he was simply trying to get some rounds under his belt. He has signed to fight Golovkin in February. A fight which will take place in Monte Carlo but it will be on HBO aswell. Murray is a legitimate threat and is probably the second best middleweight in the world. This is a great fight. 

Murray has some serious power and has better resistance then other challengers that have faced Golovkin. I expect Golovkin to win convincingly, however this is a legitimate threat for Golovkin.

Murray needs to focus on:

- Movement
- Fighting from the outside. 
- Pressuring Golovkin in patches. 
- Not allowing Golovkin to put relentless pressure on. Murray needs to drop Golovkin early or rock him to get his respect. 

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