Sunday, 5 October 2014

Chad Dawson's career is close to over. Dawson looses in a massive upset.

Chad Dawson's career is close to over, in terms of being an elite fighter. Last night Chad Dawson lost to Tommy Karpency. The fight was seen as a mismatch from the start and it didn't live up to that. Karpency simply outworked Chad Dawson. Dawson looked like a shell of his former self and it may be time to retire. This bout was more of a showcase bout and it back fired significantly, with Dawson obviously having not much left at this point in his career. Chad was throwing single punches and couldn't keep up with Karpency's high work rate. A prime Dawson would have won this contest easily. The losses to Stevenson and Andre Ward have had a massive impact and Dawson is fading badly. I think his dreams of being an elite fighter are now officially over. 

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