Saturday, 4 October 2014

Canelo vs Cotto 600 K PPV Buys. Oscar De La Hoya Predicts Record Fight For Canelo vs Cotto.

Oscar De La Hoya this week said Canelo Alvarez vs Miguel Cotto could do 2 million pay per view buys. This would be a massive achievement and the 2nd biggest pay per view fight in history. I doubt it could get that high, I think a more realistic figure would be closer to 1 million pay per view buys. The money involved however means we are likely to see this fight in 2015. This would be a great fight with Alvarez likely moving up in weight to challenge Cotto for the undisputed Middleweight championship of the world. I think it is an even fight with Cotto starting at the favourite. However this should be a great fight to watch and I can also see Alvarez winning. This could turn out to be a fight of the year as both fighters will be willing to engage, both have great power and a great chin. I think Alvarez's youth could eventually lead to him winning in an upset. Keep in mind both fighters are rather small for middleweights. 

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