Thursday, 9 October 2014

Algieri is the wrong opponent for Pacquiao. Algieri can beat Pacquiao

When they chose Manny Pacquiao's next opponent a major mistake was made. Chris Algieri was chosen who isn't well known and many criticised the fight. Not only is it a bad fight in terms of the boxing public don't want to see it, Algieri is tall, fast and lanky. He is an awkward fighter and he could very well out point Pacquiao. Algieri is a lot taller than Pacquiao and will fight extremely defensively which could get him the win. Manny Pacquiaos team need to have a good look at themselves. Why chose a dangerous fight that brings no recognition or interest from the public. Pacquiao would have been better doing something different such as fighting at Middleweight against a faded star such as Felix Sturm or Daniel Geale, two middleweights with little power. Those fights would have been interesting and generated a lot more attention. 

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