Saturday, 25 October 2014

Murray vs Golovkin Is Next. After Murray Beats Spada

Martin Murray today beat Domenico Spada of Italy in Monte Carlo. Murray looked sluggish, a little slow, however he did look like he was simply trying to get some rounds under his belt. He has signed to fight Golovkin in February. A fight which will take place in Monte Carlo but it will be on HBO aswell. Murray is a legitimate threat and is probably the second best middleweight in the world. This is a great fight. 

Murray has some serious power and has better resistance then other challengers that have faced Golovkin. I expect Golovkin to win convincingly, however this is a legitimate threat for Golovkin.

Murray needs to focus on:

- Movement
- Fighting from the outside. 
- Pressuring Golovkin in patches. 
- Not allowing Golovkin to put relentless pressure on. Murray needs to drop Golovkin early or rock him to get his respect. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Gennady Golovkin vs Kelly Pavlik. Who Would Have Won?

Unfortunately Kelly Pavlik's career spiralled out of control due to various drug and substance problems. However an interesting question I pondered yesterday was who would have won between Gennady Golovkin vs Kelly Pavlik. I am not talking about the post - Hopkins version of Pavlik. I am talking about the Pavlik that fought Jermain Taylor. I think the slight edge would be to Golovkin. But I do fancy Pavliks chances. As Golovkin is there to be hit and Pavlik had a serious amount of power in his right hand. Unfortunately we will never know. Most boxing experts predict Golovkin would have won. But I think Pavlik would have presented a big problem for Golovkin. And he would have at least hurt Golovkin throughout the fight. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Why Mayweather vs Jermain Taylor Makes Sense. The Purse Bids Hint Mayweather vs Taylor Will Happen.

It may have taken a while to notice why the purse bids for Soliman vs Taylor were so high. Sam Soliman got over one million dollars and Jermain Taylor received close to or over $500K. The total fight revenue wouldn't have been more than $250 K. The question is, why did Al Haymon and his investors lose money on this bout? There is only one answer. Taylor vs Mayweather. 

Mayweather will fight for the Middleweight championship of the world against another American. The fight will be massive and its another masterstroke by Al Haymon. This fight makes sense and it is very winnable for Mayweather. Taylor shouldn't pose Floyd to many problems and the fight will be huge. Taylor is a big name in America still and Mayweather as we all know is the biggest name in boxing. 

Expect Mayweather vs Taylor to be next. 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Pacquiao vs Algieri 24/7 Only One Show. Finally HBO See Common Sense.

In good news HBO 24/7 are limiting the show to just one episode. Which is a long time coming. The reality shows which are most likely fake, well the Showtime All Access shows are fake which Floyd Mayweather has recently admitted to a Nevada commission. So essentially I won't be watching any Showtime boxing all access shows soon, because they are scripted. But the HBO shows have been going on for to long and are boring. So the one episode is a good choice by HBO. It also cuts down production costs. 

A new television show is required and it would be good for the networks to move in a new direction. Something not scripted. All the fighters today lack personality like the old days and most lack common sense. So hopefully the networks find something good to show soon, which looks good for our sport. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Algieri is the wrong opponent for Pacquiao. Algieri can beat Pacquiao

When they chose Manny Pacquiao's next opponent a major mistake was made. Chris Algieri was chosen who isn't well known and many criticised the fight. Not only is it a bad fight in terms of the boxing public don't want to see it, Algieri is tall, fast and lanky. He is an awkward fighter and he could very well out point Pacquiao. Algieri is a lot taller than Pacquiao and will fight extremely defensively which could get him the win. Manny Pacquiaos team need to have a good look at themselves. Why chose a dangerous fight that brings no recognition or interest from the public. Pacquiao would have been better doing something different such as fighting at Middleweight against a faded star such as Felix Sturm or Daniel Geale, two middleweights with little power. Those fights would have been interesting and generated a lot more attention. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Jermain Taylor beats Sam Soliman by UD. Taylor Champion Again

Jermain Taylor today beat Sam Soliman by UD. Taylor dropped Soliman numerous times throughout the fight and was simply to strong for Soliman. The purses for this fight were massive with Soliman paid over one million dollars to face Taylor. Taylor now has several options, however he will also have to beat some serious criminal charges. Al Haymon put a lot of money down for Taylor to get this fight and Taylor repaid Haymon by defeating Soliman convincingly. 

Potential fights for Taylor now include Quillin and Golovkin. This should be an interesting year for Taylor to see where he goes next and if he will be able to fight again soon, considering the serious criminal charges levelled against him. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Chad Dawson's career is close to over. Dawson looses in a massive upset.

Chad Dawson's career is close to over, in terms of being an elite fighter. Last night Chad Dawson lost to Tommy Karpency. The fight was seen as a mismatch from the start and it didn't live up to that. Karpency simply outworked Chad Dawson. Dawson looked like a shell of his former self and it may be time to retire. This bout was more of a showcase bout and it back fired significantly, with Dawson obviously having not much left at this point in his career. Chad was throwing single punches and couldn't keep up with Karpency's high work rate. A prime Dawson would have won this contest easily. The losses to Stevenson and Andre Ward have had a massive impact and Dawson is fading badly. I think his dreams of being an elite fighter are now officially over. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Canelo vs Cotto 600 K PPV Buys. Oscar De La Hoya Predicts Record Fight For Canelo vs Cotto.

Oscar De La Hoya this week said Canelo Alvarez vs Miguel Cotto could do 2 million pay per view buys. This would be a massive achievement and the 2nd biggest pay per view fight in history. I doubt it could get that high, I think a more realistic figure would be closer to 1 million pay per view buys. The money involved however means we are likely to see this fight in 2015. This would be a great fight with Alvarez likely moving up in weight to challenge Cotto for the undisputed Middleweight championship of the world. I think it is an even fight with Cotto starting at the favourite. However this should be a great fight to watch and I can also see Alvarez winning. This could turn out to be a fight of the year as both fighters will be willing to engage, both have great power and a great chin. I think Alvarez's youth could eventually lead to him winning in an upset. Keep in mind both fighters are rather small for middleweights. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Huck Eyes Klitschko. The Truth About Marco Huck

There is one thing you need to know about Marco Huck. He is never in a bad fight. In the current era boxing is struggling for excitement and entertainment. Marco Huck should have been fighting on the major US networks for the last couple of years. He always goes for the knockout and he fights at a relentless pace. 

American networks have shown fights including Antonio Tarver vs Kayode at Cruiserweight in the past couple of years. Marco Huck is the most exciting fighter above the light heavyweight division. I would like to see Huck vs Arreola, Huck vs Stiverne, Huck vs Haye on US networks and hopefully the fight takes place in the US.