Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Stephen Espinoza. How Is He Doing With Boxing On Showtime?

It seems as though Showtime boxing is deteriorating over the past 24 months. Well truth be told it has had some outstanding achievements, in signing Mayweather to a five fight deal. Getting the biggest star in boxing fighting on your network is an outstanding achievement and outweighs everything else. Such is the draw of Mayweather. 

Espinoza can put on better cards though. Some of the main events have been absolutely shocking such as Salka vs Garcia. I know the promoters pay the fighters and everything and showtime only pays for the broadcast rights. However some of the fights being aired are at an ESPN level. Losing Canelo is a big loss. However we can't oversee the Mayweather situation. Attracting the biggest star in the sport to your network outweighs all the negatives in my opinion. Espinoza can take the sport to a new level by encouraging better co-main events and main event cards. 

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