Monday, 22 September 2014

Pacquiao vs Mayweather in 2014. Starting to become a reality.

Jim Gray the showtime commentator immediately asked Floyd Mayweather about fighting Manny Pacquiao, after Mayweathers win in the rematch over Marcos Maidana. For a Showtime commentator to ask Floyd to fight a fighter from HBO sports, shows that something may be happening behind the scenes. There is still way to much money involved in the fight then any other fight out there. Mayweather keeps saying he doesn't even know who Pacquiao is fighting, but the truth of the matter is Floyd knows a lot about Pacquiao. Make this fight happen. The fans want to see it. And the fighters get a lot more money. Drop the egos. 

What needs to happen:

-Showtime and HBO need to work together on getting this fight. 
-Mayweather and Arum need to drop their egos. 

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