Monday, 22 September 2014

Mike Tyson and Don King. Two enemies who despise each other.

Mike Tyson and Don King have a deep hatred which can be seen in the recent Tyson documentary. It seems as though Tyson has tried to punch and kick Don King on multiple occasions. This is due to Tyson feeling as if Don King had screwed him out of all his career prize money. This may be a little bit true, however Tyson did have some crazy investments going. Including keeping a live tiger on his premises. There have also been reports that within 24 hours after a fight, Tyson sometimes would have gambled his entire fighting pay check. It seemed as though Gambling was another vice Tyson may have had. To hear more about this relationship, watch the recent Tyson documentary. 

There are also several videos on youtube where Mike Tyson attacks Don King. One I have seen involves Tyson swearing at Don King, another shows him punching Don King in the ribs. 

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