Saturday, 13 December 2014

Alexander vs Khan. Amir Khan needs a big win. But Alexander Could Pull the upset.

Today Devon Alexander faces Amir Khan in Las Vegas. This is an important fight and a win for Khan could put him in the mix to face pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather. Khan needs to use his speed and stay away from Alexander's power. Devon's power is under rated and Devon hasn't fought to well of late. Khan needs to win impressively to get a chance at facing Mayweather. 

Can Amir Khan win or will he struggle to overcome Alexander and blow his chance at winning a major showdown with Floyd Mayweather Junior. This should be an interesting Welterweight bout. The outcome is a little hard to predict. Amir Khan is the favourite but Devon Alexander may have enough power to put him down if Khan gets over confident.

It promises to be an intriguing content. I am not predicting a winner for this bout however. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Why Mundine vs Mayweather Makes Sense. No Khan or Alexander.

Most Americans will say Mundine has been knocked out before or that he is terrible. Something silly. Mostly because his character is so disliked it blinds boxing fans recognition of his true skills. Realistically he is a massive light middleweight. He is also fast and highly skilled. A Cagey veteran. 

Apart from this he is also a huge draw in Australia. He is a character. He is worth millions. He has had every one of his fights on Australian pay per view, the first fighter in the history of the sport to achieve this. 

If you think Amir Khan or Devon Alexander has a better chance at beating Mayweather then please think again. Mundine is massive at 154 pounds. He will give Mayweather problems all night. The biggest concern for Mundine is his chin. I don't think Mayweather has the power to hurt him. Mundine would be potentially walking him down all night. 

Interesting fight. Which needs to happen soon. I can smell an upset. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Murray vs Golovkin Is Next. After Murray Beats Spada

Martin Murray today beat Domenico Spada of Italy in Monte Carlo. Murray looked sluggish, a little slow, however he did look like he was simply trying to get some rounds under his belt. He has signed to fight Golovkin in February. A fight which will take place in Monte Carlo but it will be on HBO aswell. Murray is a legitimate threat and is probably the second best middleweight in the world. This is a great fight. 

Murray has some serious power and has better resistance then other challengers that have faced Golovkin. I expect Golovkin to win convincingly, however this is a legitimate threat for Golovkin.

Murray needs to focus on:

- Movement
- Fighting from the outside. 
- Pressuring Golovkin in patches. 
- Not allowing Golovkin to put relentless pressure on. Murray needs to drop Golovkin early or rock him to get his respect. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Gennady Golovkin vs Kelly Pavlik. Who Would Have Won?

Unfortunately Kelly Pavlik's career spiralled out of control due to various drug and substance problems. However an interesting question I pondered yesterday was who would have won between Gennady Golovkin vs Kelly Pavlik. I am not talking about the post - Hopkins version of Pavlik. I am talking about the Pavlik that fought Jermain Taylor. I think the slight edge would be to Golovkin. But I do fancy Pavliks chances. As Golovkin is there to be hit and Pavlik had a serious amount of power in his right hand. Unfortunately we will never know. Most boxing experts predict Golovkin would have won. But I think Pavlik would have presented a big problem for Golovkin. And he would have at least hurt Golovkin throughout the fight. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Why Mayweather vs Jermain Taylor Makes Sense. The Purse Bids Hint Mayweather vs Taylor Will Happen.

It may have taken a while to notice why the purse bids for Soliman vs Taylor were so high. Sam Soliman got over one million dollars and Jermain Taylor received close to or over $500K. The total fight revenue wouldn't have been more than $250 K. The question is, why did Al Haymon and his investors lose money on this bout? There is only one answer. Taylor vs Mayweather. 

Mayweather will fight for the Middleweight championship of the world against another American. The fight will be massive and its another masterstroke by Al Haymon. This fight makes sense and it is very winnable for Mayweather. Taylor shouldn't pose Floyd to many problems and the fight will be huge. Taylor is a big name in America still and Mayweather as we all know is the biggest name in boxing. 

Expect Mayweather vs Taylor to be next. 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Pacquiao vs Algieri 24/7 Only One Show. Finally HBO See Common Sense.

In good news HBO 24/7 are limiting the show to just one episode. Which is a long time coming. The reality shows which are most likely fake, well the Showtime All Access shows are fake which Floyd Mayweather has recently admitted to a Nevada commission. So essentially I won't be watching any Showtime boxing all access shows soon, because they are scripted. But the HBO shows have been going on for to long and are boring. So the one episode is a good choice by HBO. It also cuts down production costs. 

A new television show is required and it would be good for the networks to move in a new direction. Something not scripted. All the fighters today lack personality like the old days and most lack common sense. So hopefully the networks find something good to show soon, which looks good for our sport. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Algieri is the wrong opponent for Pacquiao. Algieri can beat Pacquiao

When they chose Manny Pacquiao's next opponent a major mistake was made. Chris Algieri was chosen who isn't well known and many criticised the fight. Not only is it a bad fight in terms of the boxing public don't want to see it, Algieri is tall, fast and lanky. He is an awkward fighter and he could very well out point Pacquiao. Algieri is a lot taller than Pacquiao and will fight extremely defensively which could get him the win. Manny Pacquiaos team need to have a good look at themselves. Why chose a dangerous fight that brings no recognition or interest from the public. Pacquiao would have been better doing something different such as fighting at Middleweight against a faded star such as Felix Sturm or Daniel Geale, two middleweights with little power. Those fights would have been interesting and generated a lot more attention. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Jermain Taylor beats Sam Soliman by UD. Taylor Champion Again

Jermain Taylor today beat Sam Soliman by UD. Taylor dropped Soliman numerous times throughout the fight and was simply to strong for Soliman. The purses for this fight were massive with Soliman paid over one million dollars to face Taylor. Taylor now has several options, however he will also have to beat some serious criminal charges. Al Haymon put a lot of money down for Taylor to get this fight and Taylor repaid Haymon by defeating Soliman convincingly. 

Potential fights for Taylor now include Quillin and Golovkin. This should be an interesting year for Taylor to see where he goes next and if he will be able to fight again soon, considering the serious criminal charges levelled against him. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Chad Dawson's career is close to over. Dawson looses in a massive upset.

Chad Dawson's career is close to over, in terms of being an elite fighter. Last night Chad Dawson lost to Tommy Karpency. The fight was seen as a mismatch from the start and it didn't live up to that. Karpency simply outworked Chad Dawson. Dawson looked like a shell of his former self and it may be time to retire. This bout was more of a showcase bout and it back fired significantly, with Dawson obviously having not much left at this point in his career. Chad was throwing single punches and couldn't keep up with Karpency's high work rate. A prime Dawson would have won this contest easily. The losses to Stevenson and Andre Ward have had a massive impact and Dawson is fading badly. I think his dreams of being an elite fighter are now officially over. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Canelo vs Cotto 600 K PPV Buys. Oscar De La Hoya Predicts Record Fight For Canelo vs Cotto.

Oscar De La Hoya this week said Canelo Alvarez vs Miguel Cotto could do 2 million pay per view buys. This would be a massive achievement and the 2nd biggest pay per view fight in history. I doubt it could get that high, I think a more realistic figure would be closer to 1 million pay per view buys. The money involved however means we are likely to see this fight in 2015. This would be a great fight with Alvarez likely moving up in weight to challenge Cotto for the undisputed Middleweight championship of the world. I think it is an even fight with Cotto starting at the favourite. However this should be a great fight to watch and I can also see Alvarez winning. This could turn out to be a fight of the year as both fighters will be willing to engage, both have great power and a great chin. I think Alvarez's youth could eventually lead to him winning in an upset. Keep in mind both fighters are rather small for middleweights. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Huck Eyes Klitschko. The Truth About Marco Huck

There is one thing you need to know about Marco Huck. He is never in a bad fight. In the current era boxing is struggling for excitement and entertainment. Marco Huck should have been fighting on the major US networks for the last couple of years. He always goes for the knockout and he fights at a relentless pace. 

American networks have shown fights including Antonio Tarver vs Kayode at Cruiserweight in the past couple of years. Marco Huck is the most exciting fighter above the light heavyweight division. I would like to see Huck vs Arreola, Huck vs Stiverne, Huck vs Haye on US networks and hopefully the fight takes place in the US. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Artur Beterbiev the Beast. KO's Tarvoris Cloud in 2 Rounds.

Light Heavyweight contender Tarvoris Cloud was utterly annihilated in todays bout with Artur Beterbiev in Russia. Cloud was dropped four times by Beterbiev, who impressively was only in his sixth fight. This fight was amazing to see and the creation of a potential superstar has emerged. His power is real and his speed looks real. Some people will say Cloud is past his best but from what I saw from Cloud in the first minute, he had some good speed and power in his punches. 

I think this is just an impressive display from an impressive fighter. In my eyes he will be a future Light Heavyweight champion, whether he goes higher then this and unifies, no one knows. However it is a good chance. He also has a win over Kovalev in the amateurs. And that does hint that he is a special fighter. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Arthur Abraham Just Wins Against Paul Smith. Horrible Scorecards. Great Fight

Arthur Abraham and Paul Smith fought a great close fight which had great actions from round 5 onwards. I could see the fight going to either fighter by a maximum of 2 rounds. The scorecards that were turned in once again made me vomit as one had Abraham winning by 11 rounds. The fight was close and Paul Smith deserves a rematch. I think he can beat Abraham in the rematch. 

A few facts about Abraham:

- He still has serious power in his right hand. 
- He isn't the same fighter anymore his speed and work rate has declined quickly over the past two years. 
- Abraham isn't even top 10 at Super Middleweight right now. 

Amir Khan vs Robert Guerrero May Be Next

Expect an announcement on Amir Khans next fight in the next week or so. It is looking like December will be when Khan returns to the ring. A few rumours circulating are that Amir Khan may be fighting Robert Guerrero next. This would be a major fight and a big risk for Khan, since Guerrero brings some power and an awkward style. A win for Khan would set him up for a super fight with Mayweather, or even potentially Pacquiao. This fight looks promising and would be a good bout to finish the year off. 

Keys to Victory:

- Guerrero needs to constantly pressure Khan and may stop Khan late. 
- More likely for me is Khan boxes from the outside and uses his fast feet to win. 

Key Factor : Guerrero is very slow on his feet which will play into Khans hands. I expect Khan to win by UD. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Showtime Sports Drops Shobox. End of An Era.

Shobox has existed between 2001-2014, but it won't be around next season. Showtime Sports dropped the event yesterday and this is being widely reported across Twitter. Yesterday i wrote a story about Stephen Espinoza being a success by bringing Mayweather to the network. However after this recent development I can do a full flip. 

No Showbox stalls the progression of up and coming talents. This has been a medium for young talents to progress to genuine fighters on major cards at Showtime sports. With showbox cards no longer being planned for next season it may further stall careers. It is a sad day for boxing lovers across the world. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Canelo Moves To HBO. Wants to Make Pacquiao Fight. Takes Mayweathers Dates.

Canelo Alvarez this week signed a multi fight, multi year deal with HBO which has sent shockwaves throughout the boxing community. This opens up a potential super fight with Manny Pacquiao which is an option considering Oscar De La Hoya has recently begun working with Top Rank. Alvarez vs Pacquiao is one of the biggest fights that can be made in boxing. 

Alvarez is set to face Joshua Clottey in December and a win will set up a major bout between Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao. The move to HBO makes sense and is a smart move by Canelo's team and HBO. 

Stephen Espinoza. How Is He Doing With Boxing On Showtime?

It seems as though Showtime boxing is deteriorating over the past 24 months. Well truth be told it has had some outstanding achievements, in signing Mayweather to a five fight deal. Getting the biggest star in boxing fighting on your network is an outstanding achievement and outweighs everything else. Such is the draw of Mayweather. 

Espinoza can put on better cards though. Some of the main events have been absolutely shocking such as Salka vs Garcia. I know the promoters pay the fighters and everything and showtime only pays for the broadcast rights. However some of the fights being aired are at an ESPN level. Losing Canelo is a big loss. However we can't oversee the Mayweather situation. Attracting the biggest star in the sport to your network outweighs all the negatives in my opinion. Espinoza can take the sport to a new level by encouraging better co-main events and main event cards. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Floyd Mayweather Diet Is Fake. Why Mayweather eats healthy and no junk food.

If you have been watching all access on Showtime or 24/7 on HBO, the documentary series leading up to Mayweathers bouts over the past few years you may have noticed Mayweathers diet. Floyd says he eats junk food every night including soft drinks and other high fat fast foods such as Mcdonalds. However it seems this has been totally scripted and is fake. 

Mayweather recently told reporters at the post fight press conference of the Maidana rematch that Alex Ariza was brought into his camp to help him improve his diet. Floyd said that his improved diet improved his legs later in the fight. 

Mayweather Reveals Show Time All Access Is Fake And Plotted.

At a Nevada commission hearing Floyd Mayweather has revealed All access 24/7 is fake and that his fighters don't spar endlessly in the gym. The all access episode showed that Mayweather made his fighters spar for 31 minutes while gambling on who the winner would be. However at the Nevada commission hearing where Mayweather was made to comment on putting his gym fighters in harms way, he revealed 24/7 all access is fake. 

This was a harsh statement to make and the relevance of all access Showtime shows is now totally nonsense. No one will be watching these shows into the future after hearing this. 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Nonito Donaire vs Nicholas Walters. Finally a good undercard fight on HBO.

The co-main event to Golovkin vs Rubio will be Nonito Donaire vs Nicholas Walters. This will be a great fight and is one of the rare good undercard/co main event fights which have been shown on HBO & Showtime during 2014. It seems as though undercards are now full of showcase fights which are really at an ESPN standard, as a result of Al Haymon and other major players in boxing having way to much power. Cards like this are what boxing needs to get the sport big again. Casual sport fans are turned off by scorecard robberies and weak undercards. Finally Donaire vs Walters entices people to get out to the card, which not suprisingly has also sold a lot of tickets as a result of this. 

Mike Tyson and Don King. Two enemies who despise each other.

Mike Tyson and Don King have a deep hatred which can be seen in the recent Tyson documentary. It seems as though Tyson has tried to punch and kick Don King on multiple occasions. This is due to Tyson feeling as if Don King had screwed him out of all his career prize money. This may be a little bit true, however Tyson did have some crazy investments going. Including keeping a live tiger on his premises. There have also been reports that within 24 hours after a fight, Tyson sometimes would have gambled his entire fighting pay check. It seemed as though Gambling was another vice Tyson may have had. To hear more about this relationship, watch the recent Tyson documentary. 

There are also several videos on youtube where Mike Tyson attacks Don King. One I have seen involves Tyson swearing at Don King, another shows him punching Don King in the ribs. 

Pacquiao vs Mayweather in 2014. Starting to become a reality.

Jim Gray the showtime commentator immediately asked Floyd Mayweather about fighting Manny Pacquiao, after Mayweathers win in the rematch over Marcos Maidana. For a Showtime commentator to ask Floyd to fight a fighter from HBO sports, shows that something may be happening behind the scenes. There is still way to much money involved in the fight then any other fight out there. Mayweather keeps saying he doesn't even know who Pacquiao is fighting, but the truth of the matter is Floyd knows a lot about Pacquiao. Make this fight happen. The fans want to see it. And the fighters get a lot more money. Drop the egos. 

What needs to happen:

-Showtime and HBO need to work together on getting this fight. 
-Mayweather and Arum need to drop their egos. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Orlando Salido vs Terdsak Kokietgym Full Fight Video Replay Analysis

Orlando Salido vs Terdsak Kokietgym was one of the best fights I have ever seen. In total their was 7 knockdowns and it will be classified as one of the best fights of 2014. There never seems to be a bad fight that Orlando Salido is involved in. Salido is a power punching brawler who always makes his Mexican fight fans proud. Watching video of Orlando Salido vs Terdsak Kokietgym was unbelievable. I was shocked at the courage displayed by both fighters. Time and time again both Salido and Kokietgym got up off the canvas to go to war again. A great fight and a great win for Salido, who won by KO in the 11th round.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Australian Boxing. Struggling to Go Past Mundine, Geale & Green.

Australian boxing seems to be on a steady decline with major stars Mundine, Danny Green and Daniel Geale seemingly on the back end of their careers. As the careers of these three Australian stars dwindle down it remains to be seen who the next great fighter out of Australia will be. These fighters may be a while off retiring and I expect Green vs Mundine 2 to happen eventually. I also expect Mundine vs Geale 3 to happen eventually. However these fights aren't as big as their first fights and a new star is needed to make sure Australian boxing continues to improve on the world map. 

Peter Quillin Got $500 K US Step Aside Fee. To Not Fight Korobov By Haymon?

Many were stumped when Peter Quillin turned down a career high pay day to not fight Korobov to defend his world title. Instead Quillin vacated his title. It is being circulated that Al Haymon may have paid Quillin $500 000 US, step aside money. Great to be able to make that amount of money to not even fight. The purse bid for the fight was won by Jay Z’s new boxing promotion company, and Al Haymon and Jay Z have had some problems in the past. May be seen as an attempt to block Jay Z from entering the fight game, which Al Haymon practically dominates.

George Groves Wins. Mandatory for Anthony Dirrell.

Coming off two devastating knockout losses to Carl Froch, George Groves bounced back beating a European domestic level opponent to become the mandatory to face Anthony Dirrell. That fight will be interesting and could be seen as a 50-50 fight. I think Groves may be able to out box Dirrell and win his first world title. That fight may end up taking place in the UK as Groves is a bigger draw than Dirrell. However Anthony Dirrell is with Al Haymon, which means he has a lot of power over where the fight occurs.

Gennady Golovkin. Golovkin Will KO Rubio Within 4 Rounds.

Gennady Golovkin will KO Rubio within 4 rounds, I have no doubt. Golovkins power is unmatched and he cuts off the ring well. Rubio does have some power, but not nearly enough power to hurt Golovkin. Curtis Stevens is a much larger puncher than Rubio and he was unable to rock Golovkin, despite landing numerous flush shots. I expect the fight to pan out like the following.

  • Round 1: Feeling out period for the first two minutes before Golovkin starts landing good shots. Rubio tries to back up Golovkin but soon realises he is in with an opponent who has freakish power.
  • Round 2: Golovkin will begin to break down Rubio with vicious body shots. By the end of the round Rubio will start to feel the effects of the Golovkin attack.
  • Round 3: Rubio will be dropped numerous times in Round three and may be lucky to see the round out.
  • I expect Golovkin to than knock out Rubio in the 4th round.

Golovkin is a special talent. Humble, professional and a great role model for the sport of boxing.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Gennady Golovkin vs Miguel Cotto. Or Golovkin vs Canelo. Fights to See in 2015.

At the top of my wish list for fights in 2015 are bouts between Gennady Golovkin, Miguel Cotto & Canelo Alvarez. Golovkin is a crude power punching middleweight with great ring generalship.  Golovkin to me is unbeatable at the moment, although he hasn't fought elite level opposition as of yet. This hasn't been his fault, the reason for this is just the best not wanting to face Golovkin. However as Golovkins star power has rose the other elite fighters are going to have to fight him in the near future. 

The most interesting bout for me is Golovkin vs Cotto at Middleweight. I want to see how Golovkin deals with Cotto's power. Cotto has a stronger left hook and left hook to the body in comparison to Golovkin, so it will be an interesting fight to watch. I think Cotto could pull off a massive upset, given how good he looked against Martinez. 

Canelo may provide Golovkin with some problems also. Canelo has an excellent chin and is a power puncher himself. I favour Golovkin to get the better of Canelo though. However in a bout between Golovkin vs Cotto, I favour Cotto at the moment. 

These are two fights I want to see in 2015. And the entire boxing world also wants to see these fights. 

Mike Tyson The Street Fighter. Mike Tyson Street Fight Information.

Mike Tyson was allegedly involved in a street fight with another boxer during his boxing career. The fight occurred in a night club and from just one punch the damage to the other boxer was massive. The person on the receiving end of Tyson's punch required surgery and sued for damages. Their is footage of this fight on youtube. Tysons power was fierce and in a street fight he would be impossible to handle. This is why he was the most feared person in the world for a long time. Nearly two decades in fact. 

Richard Schaefer Moving to the Money Team

Romours coming out of Las Vegas indicate Richard Schaefer might be joining the money team soon. Schaefer was seen sitting in the front row behind Mayweathers corner during his second bout to Maidana. Schaefer is involved in a $50 million lawsuit with Oscar De La Hoya. De La Hoya and team are claiming Schaefer didn't act in the interests of Golden Boy, when he put Al Haymons fighters on cards without signing them to contracts.

Schaefer could be an interesting addition to the money team. However it is rather distasteful by Mayweather to get rid of Leonard Ellerbe which is expected to happen by the time of his next fight in May. 

Were Ali and Frazier Real Enemies? Did they reconcile by old age?

Yes Ali and Frazier generally hated each other during their professional careers. By the time both were elderly they began to get on, speaking to each other at event and communicating. I think Ali could have done a lot better in most circumstances with Frazier as he did go out of his way to annoy Frazier often. In saying that they produced some of the greatest fights. Ali’s speed was nullified by Fraziers famous left hook. They both had courage and power, speed and ring poise in an abundance. Both are living legends and their fights will be watched and remembered for centuries to come.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Nonsense from Both Sides. Arum and Mayweather are the reasons for No Mega fight with Pacquiao.

Let me say the fighting between Mayweather and Arum and bickering which has gone on between both sides over the past decade is childish and is the sole reason why the mega fight has never happened. Mayweather and Arum have enough wealth, the only thing standing in the way from this mega fight from happening are their egos. And their egos are so big that this fight will never happen. Even if Mayweather vs Pacquiao happens now it will break all kinds of records, however it still won't be as big as if it happened a couple of years ago. Both fighters missed out on a lot of money, due to the stubborness of both Mayweather and pacquiao.

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook. Why The Fight Should Happen Next

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook needs to happen next the fight is worth a lot of money. To all parties involved and the fight is rather evenly matched. I think the winner of this fight can then go on to fighting Mayweather in the next bout. That would make the future bout bigger than if the bout was to happen soon. Ideally if the winner fought mayweather after, that bout would be huge. Khan vs Brook would be shown on HBO or Showtime and their will be interest globally for this bout. I think this would be one of the best match ups for an ageing mayweather. 

Mayweather vs Maidana 2 Does 925 000 Buys. According to Kevin Iole.

Mayweather vs Maidana 2 has done well at the pay per view. Selling around 925 000 units according to Kevin Iole. It is rare a rematch sells more then the first fight so this is a good result for both fighters and all promotion entities involved. This is good for boxing given the run of poor pay per view performances this year. The big effect on pay per view sales this year is Mayweather and Pacquiao not fighting eachother and this has damaged the sports reputation over the past few years. 

Joe Frazier vs Mike Tyson. The Brawl of All Brawls. Tyson vs Frazier Prediction?

So who would win a fight between Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson. This would be one of the greatest fights ever seen if these two fought each other during their prime. We have two brawlers, both with outstanding power. Both with one punch power. And both with good, but not the best chins. Appealing enough to have several knockdowns each. 

I predict a middle to late round stoppage. To me i am not sure who would win, but lean slightly towards a prime Tyson. So I will go with Tyson by KO/TKO. 

I can also see arguments for Frazier winning this bout. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mayweather and Ellerbe part ways. Feel Bad For Ellerbe.

It seems as though Floyd Mayweather and Leonard Ellerbe are parting ways. For all the good Leonard has done for Mayweathers career I find this a bit poor from Mayweather. Ellerbe has done a lot of good work throughout Mayweathers career and Floyd is now a superstar and Leonard had a big role in getting him to that level. I would have liked to see them both work together up until Floyds retirement however that is not going to happen. It seems as though Floyd is on the verge of splitting up with Raul Garcia also. 

Rocky Marciano vs Mike Tyson. Now Thats One Of The Greatest Match Ups Ever.

Styles Make fights. And I would have wanted to see Mike Tyson vs Rocky Marciano. Marciano had a steel chin and Tyson had unbelievable power. Marciano also had unbelievable power. If Marciano could see off Tyson early, I think Marciano would have scored a late knockout win or points win. Tyson did have a chance at an early KO, however Marciano was rarely troubled in his career. In my opinion. I have Marciano winning that fight by KO. 

Ali Vs Tyson Who Would Have Won? Ali UD Or Tyson KO?

An interesting fantasy match up I am always asked about is who would have won between a prime version of Muhammad Ali and a prime version of Mike Tyson. For me I have always stayed with Ali by decision. I think Ali's feet and speed and long reach would have been able to keep Tyson away for 12 rounds. 

I also think Ali's defensive skills could have avoided a majority of Tysons power punches. In saying that it only would take one punch from Tyson to win the fight so I can see why people think prime Tyson could have won by KO. However its important to note that Ali had a great chin and he stood up to Foremans power all night. So I would have to go with Ali by UD, unanimous decision, however I can see the arguments for Tyson winning by KO. 


Victor Ortiz vs Brandon Rios. Make the fight Happen.

Victor Ortiz is back from a devastating knockout loss against Luis Collazo and he is speaking about a rematch with Mayweather. Realistically this isn't going to happen. A fight I would like to see Ortiz fight in, is against Brandon Rios. Before both of these fighters became professionals and early into their professional careers some serious bad blood existed between both these fighters. A documentary series like all access or 24/7 up until the fight would be great to watch and this will interest the fight fans. 

For me Rios and Alvarado have fought twice, and while both have been great fights, Im not that interested in the third fight right at this point. I think that fight can be made further down the line. 

Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Post Prime Current Versions. Who Wins?

For me both these fighters are past their prime. Mayweather seems to be fading a little quicker than Pacquiao. Pacquiao has recovered well after being knocked out cold against Marquez. Here are my predictions on who would have won, considering we will most likely never see this fight. 

Prime Version:

- Had 2 possible scenarios. Mayweather UD which was most likely. Or Pacquiao by late accumulation TKO. For me it was probably a 60-40 fight in Mayweathers favour. So Mayweather UD. 

Post Prime current versions. I have Pacquiao winning this by UD. Pacquiaos power isn't their anymore and neither is Mayweathers work rate. I expect Pacquiao would win a decision around 8-4

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Mike Tyson Angry Interview. Mike Tyson Snaps at Interviewer.

This post will show you some of the funniest Mike Tyson interviews. Mike Tyson recently snapped at a Canadian interviewer and I will post the video of this now. This is a reason why Tyson was such a large draw. His personality was so big and he was so intriguing for the casual sports fans and especially for the hardcore sports fans.

Mike Tyson was an articulate guy also. During his documentary he uses a lot of smart words to describe his feelings.

Amir Khan next Fight. Amir Khan vs Keith Thurman Who Wins?

Amir Khan vs Keith Thurman is a Welterweight contest I want to see. Both fighters were commentating at the Mayweather vs Maidana 2 fight. And both fighters came across educated and respresented the sport well. Thurman has significant power and he is a good thinker. Khan has the speed advantage and faster feet, however his chin could let him down against Thurman. Amir Khan vs Keith Thurman is the fight I want to see next in the Welterweight division. Make the fight for HBO. Will be great to watch. 

It is refreshing to see fighters like Amir Khan and Keith Thurman who conduct themselves professionally and interact with fans at a respectable level. 

George Foreman: One of the biggest punchers ever.

George Foreman is one of the biggest punchers boxing has seen. Foreman was such a big puncher he won a heavyweight title in his 20's, 30's, 40's & 50's. George Foreman beat Michael Moorer in his 50's from one punch. 

George Foreman battered Ali for 8 rounds before being knocked out in Zaire. Foreman tired considerably and Ali continued to resist the pressure and showed enormous courage to win the bout. This was one of Ali's greatest wins. 

Foreman vs Frazier was an absolute cracker of a fight in lead up. However once the bell rang. Foreman annihilated Frazier knocking him down 5 times towards a 2nd round KO. 

How Strong Was Mike Tyson and How Much Could Mike Tyson Bench Press?

Mike Tyson is still one of the most recognized sporting faces on the planet. It is hard to not recognize his massive face tattoo and his legend still lives on. How strong was Mike Tyson and how much could he bench are popular questions which are consistently asked by boxing and sports fans across the world. 

Mike Tyson could bench up to 500 pounds according to many stories across the internet. This doesn't suprise me, Tyson had huge shoulders, arms and total upper body mass. One of the biggest punchers the sport has seen. 

Mike Tyson is best known for:

- His crazy punching strength
- His dangerous personality

He was great to bring attention to boxing in many ways. 

Mayweather vs Maidana 2. Money Wins, however not the fan friendly fight we wanted.

Mayweather won his rematch with Maidana on the weekend however the fight failed to live up to expectations. Mayweather looked a little slower on his feet and he was reluctant to engage maidana in close quarters. Maidana looked a little out of shape and didn't have much past the 6th round. Maidana wasn't aggressive enough or wild enough to put Mayweather out of his comfort zone.

Mayweather has a few options for his next fight:

- Cotto at Middleweight. 
- Canelo rematch. 
- Amir Khan
- The fight I would like to see is mayweather against Keith Thurman. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Andre Dirrell? Endless Potential. Time For Andre Dirrell vs Andre Ward.

Andre Dirrell is one of the most talented fighters I have ever seen perform. His loss vs Carl Froch, in my opinion was wrong. I had him winning that fight by 2 rounds. He hurt Iron chinned Froch on numerous ocassions. What makes Dirrell special is he has supreme speed and high agility. 

I would like to see Direll vs Ward. However Im not sure if Andre Ward will fight again. Going at the rate he currently is. Andre Ward needs to try get out of the court case and get back to fighting as soon as possible. His inactivity will seriously hurt his career progression. Why not Andre Dirrell vs Andre Ward? The boxing fanatics have been wanting to watch that for years.