Sunday, 2 July 2017

Pacquiao vs Horn. The Robbery That?

Pacquiao vs Horn. The Robbery That?      

The boxing world is outraged tonight. Twitter is going insane. Every fight fan is calling out robbery & Jeff Horn is getting no credit for his courageous, yet controversial victory.

Here is a no agenda, no bull take on the fight.

·      Jeff Horn was absolutely sensational. He started fast. He hurt Pacquiao in the 6th and he recovered to win some late rounds. I gave him 5 rounds. I can see sense in giving him less or more. (Several rounds were close, especially early)
·      Manny had Jeff hurt in the 9th and should have finished him off. The ref was close to stopping the fight. Manny only has himself to blame there.
·      For some reason commentators of major networks gave Manny the 6th round. Manny was hurt in this round. Rocked by a right hand, staggered and he just recovered to avoid going down, that makes it a clear Horn round.
·      Now another error is the judges all gave the huge 9th round to Manny 10-9. Technically it should have been 10-8 even though no knockdown was scored, I mean Horn was out on his feet.

So who did we have winning?

We have Pacquiao edging the fight - he did enough to win. But don’t take anything away from Jeff Horn, he was fantastic tonight. No one gave him a shot to even last more then half the fight, let alone come close to & then controversially winning it.

Manny also has himself to blame. Fighting in Australia, he would have known not to rely on the scorecards & he had his chance to finish Horn, but couldn’t land the significant punches after Horn was hurt.

Overall: It was a sensational fight. Stop crying robbery. Stop crying this is why we hate boxing.  Sure we had Pacquiao winning slightly and that 116-110 card was absolutely horrible, but let’s give these two guys credit. We expected a one sided beat down and we got an action packed, great fight. A fight that we thought Manny won, but considering that, it was a fantastic performance by Jeff Horn also.  

Saturday, 1 July 2017


Marcus Morrison lost to Tyan Booth last night. Morrison WAS a highly rated prospect who lost convincingly to Jason Wellborn by a wide UD in March. That fight was brutal and it should have been stopped by the 7th or 8th round in my opinion. In his comeback fight Morrison was somehow matched with Tyan Booth who despite being 11-11, he has had 5 draws in his past 12 fights. Booth is actually REALLY REALLY awkward and tall at the weight. Pretty much a really poor choice of matchmaking in our opinion. In saying that, Morrison should have got the job done anyhow. His career is in crisis at the moment.

Purses for Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn

Purse for Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn

Manny Pacquiao is expected to take home between $15-$20M US

Jeff Horn will take home $1M US.

This is per reports. Rematch clause exists if Horn is successful and his guarantee would be significantly more for the rematch.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Purses for Andre Ward vs Kovalev (Rematch)

Purses for Ward vs Kovalev (Rematch)

Andre Ward $7M US

Kovalev $3M US 

GGG vs Canelo Purse Details Here - Article Link 


Figures based on reports 

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor Purse Details

Purses for Mayweather vs McGregor (Presuming targets are hit). 

Mayweather $400M US

Conor McGregor $127M US.

More to come. Substantial under card expected with leading boxers Davis & Badou Jack. 

Purse Details for Canelo vs GGG Here - Article Link 

Figures based on reports. 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Weight Class Information for Canelo vs GGG

The Weight:

This fight will be contested at 160 lb’s. I’m led to believe no catch weight clause exists & this will be at the championship weight limit. This is fantastic news and it adds to the credibility of this monster bout!



Purse Details for GGG vs Canelo

Purse Details:

  • ·   Per Reports GGG has been offered a flat fee of $15M US & small incentives on the upside of the PPV. (GGG will easily walk away with his highest pay day).
  • ·   Canelo gets the LIONS share of the purse. Canelo is expected to walk away with close to if not more than $50M US.

Here is the link to the 3rd section of this article. We explain what weight the fight will be at.