Sunday, 21 October 2018

Anthony Joshua's Next Opponent Will Be

3 Opponents are possible for April 13th at Wembley for the next Anthony Joshua fight.

Here are the chances of the following fighters getting that mega fight in my opinion:

-       Whyte (60%).
-       Miller (30%)
-       Wilder (10%).

A few reasons why are here:

-       Whyte has had several credible wins and he’s very close to announcing his highly anticipated rematch for Chisora on December 22nd. If Whyte wins that fight and comes away unscathed, it’s safe to say he will fight AJ in April.
-       If Whyte loses to Chisora or is injured during the fight and needs time to recover, you can expect Anthony Joshua’s April opponent to be Jarrell Miller
-       Both Whyte & Miller are easy to make since both work with Matchroom already.
-       The third and least likely opponent is Deontay Wilder. Despite talks beginning now the major road block for the fight would be who airs it? Wilder & Haymon are extremely loyal to Showtime and they would want this fight on Showtime PPV. Whereas DAZN & Eddie would want this fight on their platform in the USA. I don’t think it’s as simple as doing a joint broadcast since they both aren’t premium cable channels, like HBO & Showtime are (and they shared the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight). I just can’t see a joint broadcast between DAZN & Showtime being achieved and that is presuming negotiations can lead to an agreement for Joshua vs Wilder which is also extremely unlikely. I just can’t see that fight happening before 2020.

You can take it to the bank that Whyte will fight AJ in April, provided he beats Chisora & comes out of the fight in good condition. If he doesn’t, Miller will get the monster money fight.


Broner vs Pacquiao is virtually done!

Broner vs Pacquiao Information:

- January 19th. 
- Las Vegas. 
- 147 LBS. 

WBA World Welterweight Title 

Reports indicate this could possibly be a PPV on FOX under the new deal Haymon achieved!

Is this a PPV worthy fight? 

Leave a comment below. 

What’s Next For Anthony Yarde?

Anthony Yarde was victorious last night with another one sided demlotion over an over matched opponent. I have been told Yarde has made several attempts to secure bigger fights with UK rivals, however these have been turned down. Let’s be realistic a lot of UK fights won’t happen due to network and promotional issues.

However who would you like to see Yarde fight next? I’m interested in hearing your views. Leave a comment.

For me, the smartest match ups and easiest to make would be the Australian contenders at Light Heavyweight.

-       Blake Caparello  (Smartest fight. Not the biggest puncher, but Blake brings a high work rate. Solid test for Yarde and a very credible win).
-       Damien Hooper (Extremely talented 26 year old Australian fighter).
-       Other big fights on the local scene include Buatsi & Callum Johnson. But let’s be realistic, due to promotional/network conflicts these won’t happen.

Caparello is 17 on boxrec and Hooper is 14 on boxrec.

Who Would you like Yarde to see next?

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Team Joshua & Team Wilder Fail To Seal The Deal: The Fallout

Team Joshua & Team Wilder Fail To Seal The Deal: The Fallout

Disclaimer: Before I begin writing about what has happened, remember that I have no favoritism toward either Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder. I have total respect for both fighters and for both teams.

The Offer:

-       Anthony Joshua mentioned in an interview with Kugan Cassius that he would take the Wilder fight for $50M US up front.
-       With limited pay days available, Deontay Wilder emailed Eddie Hearn with a $50M US guarantee. (From his email account – which was unprofessional really. Should have been from his team). But the money was real. Team Wilder & Haymon were taking a big gamble. The gamble was the fight would sell well on PPV in the USA (Which with a solid media tour it would. Despite AJ & Wilder being far from PPV fighters in the US, two monster punchers who speak well would catch serious attention globally from a lengthy press tour). Hearn had previously stated in interviews the fight sells 300-400K PPV’s in the US. Team Haymon were banking on much more. The money was real. The gamble was the fight does well from a commercial perspective & Wilder dethrones Joshua. Wilder instantly becomes a PPV star and Haymon has worked another genius move. The $50M would easily be guaranteed by Haymon and moved into an Escrow account if the fight was signed. Team Wilder made it clear, they wanted the fight in the USA & they wanted it next. They also caught out Eddie Hearn who suddenly switched the discussion to AJ wanting the fight in the UK. (Consistent with what AJ was saying in his post-fight interview vs Parker). AJ claiming he would sign for the $50M US and Hearn stating he wanted to see proof of funds, backfired. Because the money was very real. It was in fact, not crazy money for Haymon.

UK Fight

-       So now the discussion moves towards Joshua vs Wilder fighting in the UK. Which is fair enough. Joshua mentioned this previously and he deserves the home town advantage. (Only issue is it leads to a loss of $20M US minimum in fight revenue – considering the US broadcast now likely moves from PPV to standard cable).
-       Negotiations go on. Slowly. Very slowly. Too slowly. (From the outside looking in it seems that both sides were playing games and slowing this down). It’s very possible Wilder wanted this done fast, but his team had slowed the process down with delayed replies and comments. Maybe it was a personal dual playing out between two characters in both teams? Both personnel with big ego’s? Standing in the way of this mega fight being done?). Needless to say Wilder accepted a flat fee of $15M US. Many think he was entitled to more. Many think he was entitled to less considering his previous top pay day was $6M US, for a fight that was planned vs Povetkin in Russia. Wilder can’t generate that in the US. So the AJ fight was a career high pay day by far and the chance to back up his words that he will dethrone the UK superstar.
-       This is where Team Wilder need to have a good look internally at what has happened here. Time was of the essence. But according to reports & people involved, the short responses took days to come back. As I mentioned above, this may have been a personnel dual being played out by two businessman, with an anxious Wilder wanting a contract immediately to sign. This is very possible.
-       The constant delays were unacceptable to Team Joshua and out of the blue, the WBA called a mandatory fight against Povetkin. (Povetkin struggled with David Price in his previous fight).


-       US Fight - Team Wilder called AJ & Eddie Hearn’s bluff with the $50M US guaranteed. Hearn’s media interviews about checking if the funds were secure backfired completely.
-       UK Fight: Deontay Wilder clearly wanted the fight by accepting the $15M US flat fee offer, a sign of good intent and confidence. But for some reason the delays by his team need to be analyzed in detail. This was a significant factor with the fight not happening next.

Regardless of what anyone says, both teams have taken big losses here! From a PR perspective the losses to Team Joshua have been far more significant. Team Joshua have moved into business mode. This is clearly about the money first now and this doesn’t resonate well with some fans. Team Wilder have limited options, but the recent publicity has been a huge boost for Wilder’s previously struggling draw. Check out Wilder’s social media, it’s on fire. Growing fast!

Eddie Hearn previously said he was making ‘Shelly Finkel’, ‘Shirley Winkel’ famous by the funny nicknames. But ultimately this might have been a key factor in the super fight, falling through? The delays on both sides once the fight was agreed to in the UK to move to contracts could have been a personal dual? It needs some explaining from both sides. Why did it take est 5 days for two small comments to be emailed back? These are the questions both Joshua & Wilder need to ask their teams. Ultimately a super fight that was there has failed to come to fruition. And despite fans expecting this fight to take place next year, I don’t see it that way. No way Wilder fights on any network other than Showtime and just last week Anthony Joshua could be seen with the DAZN network exec’s on social media. Ultimately the blame is on Team Joshua for the fight not happening in the USA and for the delays from Team Wilder for the fight not happening in the UK. A big shame. Both teams take losses and we don’t get to see the mega fight so many fans had wanted to see. I actually think Tyson Fury will fight Wilder before Anthony Joshua does. The economics, dynamics and rifts don’t add up for us to see Joshua vs Wilder any time soon.

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