Thursday, 12 January 2017

4 Crazy Facts About Chris Eubank : Boxings Most Interesting Personality

Love him or hate him Chris Eubank Sr was a world champion. He was a warrior & a great fighter. He remains one of boxings true personalities. Each week he comes out with comments which leave the readers stunned. Controversy sells and he & his son are big draws in boxing. But here are some funny facts about Chris Eubank Sr:

·    According to his ex-wife Karron Stephen-Martin he blew a fortune on Savile Row suits, jodhpurs, silk shirts. (Who hasn’t!)

·    He would fly his barber from his home to cut his hair. His barber was from Manchester & Eubank Sr lived in Brighton. (According to the Sun).

·    Eubank Sr once purchased a £55,000 Hummer from Dubai, but he didn’t check the emission requirements, so he was unable to bring it into the UK.

·    According to the Mirror Chris Eubank once took a homeless person into his house from the streets. After spending time with Eubank the homeless man named ‘Max’ then left and went back to the streets.

Whether you love him or hate him, Eubank SR draws headlines around the world. All publicity is good publicity.

Badou Jack vs James DeGale Unification Is Finally Here : Prediction

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Let’s get started!

The Unification fight is only days away.  The boxing world is excited again. So let’s break down this fight.

Key Points:

Both fighters have one loss on their record. DeGale’s was in a very close fight to Groves (who faces Chudinov for the WBA strap in February – likely in London). Badou Jack was blown out when he was caught early by Derek Edwards. Also worth noting is that Jack has a draw with Periban in late 2013 and another draw against Bute, which Jack clearly won in our opinion. Bute also went on to fail a PED test, so that fight has no bearing on the prediction at all.

Both fighters are in career best condition. James DeGale looks absolutely ripped & he’s been on weight for 2 weeks. Jack doesn’t make weight easily & he’s likely to move up to Light Heavyweight in his next few bouts.

DeGale will start well. Jack is a complete fighter, he has very little flaws. He’s also the fastest improving fighter in the sport. His methodical & traditional style will play into DeGale’s hands.

DeGale’s range & uncanny ability to throw punches form weird angles should be enough to win a lot of the early rounds. Jack has under rated power but he will take some time to adjust. DeGale should have a solid lead by the 8th round. Expect Jack to come on strong late.

I don’t see any knockdowns in this fight. We can expect a chess match, however it will be fun to watch. It will have a very high tempo. DeGale’s footwork & movement will simply be to much and it will keep him out of trouble in the final rounds. Jack will win most of the final rounds however we see DeGale winning the bout clearly by 4 rounds.

Another factor to consider is the decision. DeGale should get the decision. But as we know crazier things have happened. If it’s close, don’t be shocked if a debatable draw or split decision goes the way of Jack.

But for right now our pick is DeGale in what will be a fantastic performance in a fan friendly fight.


Friday, 6 January 2017

Interview with Renold Quinlan "We Are Still Waiting on Flights. But We are ready".

 We interviewed Renold Quinlan tonight over the phone. Quinlan has a couple of weeks left of camp before flying to the UK. 

Renold Quinlan Quotes:

"I heard from my manager this afternoon that the undercard is being worked on". 
"We were originally told we would be flying on the 26th and now they have changed this to the 24th. No flights have been booked as of right now. I have a strong feeling that this could be delayed. It also looks as though Eubank Jr isn't training as hard as he should be. This is the same situation as when I fought Geale. 
In the Geale fight everyone overlooked me. 
I respect Eubank Jr. He's a good fighter, apart from losing to BJ Saunders. I love all the boxing fans regardless. Whether you hate Chris Eubank Jr or hate me. I am coming for war. I can box. I can brawl. I'm an all round fighter. 
I know Eddie Hearn said in his interview that no one knows who I am. After I am in that ring, everyone will know who I am."

Complicating the matter is his wife is nearly due to give Birth. So Renold is hoping this happens soon so he can be there for the birth of his son. 

This interview occurred on Friday the 6th of January with Boxing Kingdom. By quoting boxing kingdom you need to reference our interview and URL. 


SAD ARTICLE : Roy Jones Jr Financial Difficulties. BIG TAX BILL. 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Information on how Mike Tyson went Bankrupt!

Mike Tyson’s Expensive Towels : $6000 a week!

We all know Mike Tyson went bankrupt. But here are some unbelievable facts as to why this happened. All legally!

This all happened with Tyson being unfamiliar with contracts & the business. He was being taken advantage of from every angle. Try not to vomit when you read the following.

Several reports online indicate:

·      Tyson was being billed to train in his own house. (est $10K + per week). 

·      Tyson was paying an extravagant amount of money for hand towels. (est $7K + per week). 

·      Several family members of boxing identities were being paid $500 K + per year to act as a consultant for Tyson & to manage fan clubs. No actual work existed according to the reports.

·      Tyson made over $120M from 1995 to 1998. By 2003, he declared bankruptcy. He was legally swindled out of all his money.