Friday, 21 October 2016

Trash Talk from the WBO President? Not Cool

This week at the WBO boxing convention in Puerto Rico some interesting comments were released to the media. The WBO president mentioned he has no doubt Canelo would knock Floyd out in the rematch if it ever took place.

A couple of questions need to be asked:

  Why is a man in a power position getting involved in trash talk involving two fighters?

  Statements about GGG rejecting Andre Ward were also made. Once again. Why?

In summary it’s simply a bad look for the sanctioning body that the top guy is making these comments. This is trash talk which should only involve fighters and fighters teams. Not an actual sanctioning body leader.

At the moment the WBC has the most legitimacy. I couldn't imagine Mauricio Sulaiman making these comments. Sulaiman has had a fantastic year with the WBC flourishing. The WBC anti drug testing procedures which are fully funded by the sanctioning body is an amazing act to clean up the sport. 

From Left Field. David Haye Gets His Big Fight.

David Haye promised his fans a big fight earlier in the week. Many thought he was finally announcing a bout with Briggs. The announcement was much bigger than that. David Haye is the mandatory challenger for the WBO Heavyweight title. Joseph Parker will be fighting Ruiz Jr for the vacant title on the 10th of December in New Zealand. That date may be moved back a few weeks. The winner of that fight will have 120 days to fight David Haye. So Haye will get a big shot at the WBO title before the 10th of April 2017. It would be a huge statement if he took the Bellew fight before this & won, moving right into a world title fight. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko. One Issue Remains.

The long awaited announcement is very close. Several sources (Who are credible and have rarely been wrong with the information provided) say the fight is close to done and it’s only waiting on Sanctioning bodies. The bout could be for both the WBA & WBO world titles. The WBO originally wanted to sanction Parker vs Ruiz Jr, however that organization is now considering a 4 man tournament.

It’s likely that the WBA sanction this for the full title.

The WBO annual convention is in Puerto Rico this week. Canelo and his team will be there. However the event will have a serious presence of lobbyists trying to get their heavyweights a shot at the vacant title. 

Furthermore with the US TV networks, we have heard it’s likely going to end up on Showtime, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Exciting times at Heavyweight.

NOTE: Since this has been published, several sources are reporting that Wlad vs Klitschko deal is about to collapse. We believe it's a simple negotiating tactic and this fight will get done. Both teams want it and are way to far down the track to not get it done. 

Friday, 7 October 2016

Boxing Kingdom Merchandize Information!

Well we have been open about our long term plans since day 1. We really aren’t in this to become millionaires. (All those involved with boxing kingdom have jobs on the side and this is more of  a hobby). We have begun selling merchandize. Our merchandize can be found at the link below.

The revenue from these sales is split between ourselves & teemill to begin with. (Teemil produce all the merchandize and deliver it). 

We will then split revenue between

-       Our designer.
-       A contributing member overseas.
-       We will then cover overheads.

The rest of the money which will be a SUBSTANTIAL (A Majority) chunk. Will go towards:

-       Gifts and prizes for followers.
-       Potentially to fundraisers for good initiatives. E.G injured fighters who need help. Or something along those lines.

As always we are totally transparent with what we are doing.

We appreciate all the support. It would be great if you could buy some merchandize. Keep contributing to our fantastic page. Let’s continue to make boxing better & bigger.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

GGG vs Jacobs Is Close

GGG 'Gennady Golovkin' vs Daniel Jacobs

Insiders in the know are reporting that negotiations for GGG vs Jacobs have gone smoothly. It seems as though Daniel Jacobs really wants this fight. With Canelo & Cotto not fighting again for 2016, HBO now has room to spend some cash on entertaining fights like GGG vs Jacobs. We are hearing the fight could get done for the 10th of December & USYK could be on the under card. Another word we have heard is Parker vs Ruiz Jr could even be on this telecast, (that one does seem like a long shot, however the source has been reliable thus far).

GGG vs Jacobs is a nice way to finish off the year. Jacobs is in fine form and he is the biggest threat to GGG at this moment of time.

Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr Moves Closer

Joseph Parker vs Andy Ruiz Jr Moves Closer

New Zealand is about to have a world title fight. Joseph Parker is expected to face Andy Ruiz Jr for the vacant WBO title on the 10th of December. We are hearing the fight could also end up being on HBO, as part of the GGG vs Jacobs broadcast.

Team Parker have acted wise. Parker was originally going to challenge Anthony Joshua for the IBF title, in a fight not many gave Joseph a shot in. Instead Parker will now face Ruiz Jr for the vacant belt, in a bout he is widely expected to win. If Parker does win the vacant WBO belt he will truly cash in with a future unification bout with AJ. And he will also have more time to further develop his skills. Only dilemma is that AJ Is still developing also.

An announcement for Parker vs Ruiz Jr could be within the next fortnight. Expect Arum to make the trip to New Zealand.

Boxing Kingdom